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Email Tools in BetterCloud for G Suite

Email Tools in BetterCloud are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to have control over the email accounts of your users. 

The Email Signature Tool allows you to easily create and apply custom email signatures, and enforce them on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for users, groups, OUs, or everyone on your domain.

Email Monitoring
Email Audit Monitors allow you to designate a user to monitor the inbox activity of another user. The monitor will receive a summary from Google in the form of a .txt file every time the user they are monitoring sends or receives an email. The monitor can also be adjusted to include chats and drafts.

Email Delegates
The Email Delegation Tool allows you to delegate access to the inbox of one user to another user. For example: if you were to delegate the inbox of user John Doe to user Jane Deer, Jane would have full access to John Doe’s inbox from a link within her own Gmail account. BetterCloud allows this action to be implemented without the confirmation of the receiving user, which is not possible in Google's native functionality.

The Labels Tool allow you to create custom Gmail labels, for the purpose of automatically organizing messages into categories. You can also standardize labels for users across your domain. This provides a great way to standardize inboxes across your domain, or help users organize and categorize their messages.

The Filter Tool allows you to create and manage filters for your users, which are used to automate actions for certain incoming messages. Filters can be used to apply labels, delete or forward messages, have messages skip the inbox, and execute various other actions based on message criteria you set. 

The Email Forwarding Tool allows you to set a user's incoming emails to be forwarded to another email address, as well as how the original emails will be managed, after being forwarded. BetterCloud allows this action to be implemented without the confirmation of the receiving user, which is not possible in Google's native functionality.

Send-as Alias
The Send-as Alias Tool allows you to designate alternate email addresses that users can send messages as, from within their primary Gmail accounts. For example, if John Doe is a customer service representative, he could be set up to send emails as, as well as

Auto Reply
You can use the Auto-Reply Tool to set up an automated email response on a user's account, to alert the senders of any incoming messages that you are away and cannot respond immediately. If a user will be out of the office, on vacation, or will have limited internet access, use this tool to set an auto-reply email to incoming emails.

Using the IMAP/POP Tool you can control the email settings that are right for your domain. POP and IMAP functionality allows you to download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer, to facilitate inbox management with a desktop (non-cloud/web based) mail program.

Webclips/General Settings
Enabling Web Clips allows news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds, and relevant sponsored links, to appear right at the top of your users' inboxes. Web clips can be enabled or disabled for selected users.

With general email settings, you can set your users' default page size, enable keyboard shortcuts, display indicators next to a user's email and display snippets of messages in the inbox. General settings can be individually turned on or off.

The Language Tool allows you to configure the default language for your users.

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