Suspend or Delete a User



Suspend User

Suspending a user disables the account without deleting the user profile and their related information, such as documents, calendar events, and email. A user cannot sign in to a suspended account, and new information, such as emails and calendar invitations, are blocked. The account can be restored at any time (if not using the auto-delete function).

Suspending a user is a useful step towards deleting a user. It allows you to limit their access to the domain as well as their visibility to other users within the domain.

To suspend a user, you will be changing their status. This can be done from their User Profile in BetterCloud:

    1. Click the ‘suspend/restore user’ option under the User Tools tab on the left navigation
    2. You will have the choice of setting a schedule for when they will be deleted in the future
    3. Simply clicking the “Suspend User” button will change their status to suspended

Delete User

To make sure you have taken the appropriate steps before deleting a user please see the article on how to Deprovision a User.

To delete a user:

    1. Click ‘delete user’ on the left navigation from their User Profile.
    2. Click the ‘Delete User’ button.

Note: You have 20 days to reverse a "delete user" action, in case you delete a user by mistake. However, this can ONLY be done within the Google Admin Console. Please see instructions here:  Restore a recently deleted user

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