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If you're looking for the new BetterCloud User Directory, please click here

Under the Directory Tab you will find the Users Section. This section will allow you to manage all the users that have accounts on your domain.

You may have as many users as you have licenses. In order to obtain more licenses you must purchase them through your Google Admin Console or through the reseller from which you purchased your account.

Explore Users

The Explore Users page which can also be found using the left navigation panel while in the directory will give you an overview of all the users on your domain.

This overview page will allow you to, 

  1. View User’s name
  2. View Department  - If you can not view these charts, click this drop down arrow
  3. View Org Unit- which are used for sectioning users by their permissions and access levels. For example Org Unit A may be allowed to share documents publicly but Org Unit B may only be allowed to share documents within the domain.
  4. View Storage- which shows what percentage of their Drive each user has used.
  5. View Status (active or suspended)- A suspended user can not log in to their account and will not show up in the directory of other users on the domain. You can also see if they have features like email delegation in use or whether or not they are visible in the directory.
  6. Filter results to see users that fit specific criteria
    • Name- Search for a specific user by name (i.e. Andy Bernard)
    • Department- Filter results to only show users within a certain department (i.e. Marketing)
    • Org Unit- Filter results to only show users in a specific Org Unit (i.e. Executives)
    • Account Status- Filter results by whether the users account is active or suspended
    • Storage used- Filter results by the percentage of their Drive/Gmail space used
    • Group Membership- Filter results by groups the users are a member of
    • User Starts With- Filter results by the letters a user's name begins with
  7. Create a new user(s)

User Summary/View User Profile

If you click on a users name from the browse user screen then you will be able to

  1. View group memberships
  2. View contact information
  3. View nicknames
  4. Apps the user has installed
  5. Add to groups
  6. Remove user from Group/Copy Groups to Another User (transfer this user's Group ownerships to another user)
  7. Utilize user tools
  8. View/Edit all aspects of the user’s status

End User

An end user is any of the users on your domain that you will be managing using BetterCloud.

End User View

To view BetterCloud as an End User you can select End User or whichever other type of access controls you have granted to groups of users. To edit the access levels of end users see the article on End User Settings.


Using the Mobile Contact Sync tool, users will be able to view contacts as well as all the employees on the domain from their mobile devices.

Important / Requirements

If you receive an error message upon updating a user's account information, please run a directory sync and try again. If you continue to receive an error after your directory sync had completed, please contact Support.

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