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You can use the Auto-Reply feature to set up an automated email to alert people that you are away and cannot respond immediately.

If a user will be out of the office, on vacation, or will have limited internet access, use this tool to set an auto-reply email to incoming emails.

Step 1: Setup Responder

Navigate to:

a) Toggle Auto-Reply Status to ON/OFF
b) Set the Begin and End Date
c) You can choose to have the auto reply sent only to known contacts and/or users on the same domain
d) Choose a reply subject and body

Note: If you have 'Signatures' set-up, it will automatically populate when generating the auto-reply e-mail.

Step 2: Select Users

Add User(s) that this setup will be applied to.

Step 3: Review and Apply

Check your settings and click "Apply Now".

Important / Requirements

  • Per Gmail's functionality: Once active, auto-replies will only be sent once to each address that messages are received from. However, if the same address continues to send messages while the auto-reply is still on, after four days since the initial response, Gmail will trigger the auto-reply again. 
  • The 4-day window noted above will be reset when an auto-reply is edited and reapplied to the account in question. So, if someone receives the initial auto-reply as a response to an email, and then emails in again after you've edited the subject or body of the auto-reply, he or she will then receive the edited response, even if the 4-day window has not yet passed.
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