Installing BetterCloud for your Dropbox Team




Welcome to BetterCloud! This article will guide you through the steps of registering your domain with BetterCloud for the first time and granting the access permissions necessary for using our app. 

Please note: In order to register BetterCloud for your Team, the account you use must be designated as a Team Admin in Dropbox.

We recommend using a service account when installing this integration. This will prevent an interruption in service in the case that an installing user loses the necessary permissions to authenticate in the future.


Step 1: Register with Dropbox

After scheduling a trial, your BetterCloud (or Dropbox) advisor will provide you with a private link that can be used to register your domain. Here, please read over our Master Subscription Agreement and confirm that you have done so, then select Dropbox as your provider.



Step 2: Login and Grant Dropbox Permissions to BetterCloud

You will be automatically redirected to a page owned by Dropbox, where you will be prompted to enter your login credentials. Make sure to sign in with the appropriate admin account credentials associated with the instance of Dropbox that you wish to integrate with.

Note: If you use SSO/SAML to sign into Dropbox, enter your email address but leave the password field blank. Click Sign in and you'll be taken to your company's sign-in page. Enter your work password there (not your Dropbox password):


Once logged in, you will be prompted to allow the permissions that BetterCloud will need, in order to integrate with your Dropbox Team:


You will then receive prompts from Auth0 and Dropbox again asking to grant scopes to BetterCloud. These are necessary in order to complete the registration.




At this point, your registration is complete! You will be directed into the BetterCloud app, where Dropbox will now be enabled as your first integration. Completion of this registration process will also begin a new sync, to bring your domain's data into BetterCloud.

From here, you can explore granting access privileges to other admins and users on your domain, customize an alert, or publish your first automated Workflow!

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