Troubleshooting BetterCloud Registration


If you are having trouble registering BetterCloud ( with Google, we recommend that you go through the following troubleshooting steps in your Google Admin Console, in order to make sure that BetterCloud is set up properly for your domain.

1) Make sure you have API access enabled: > Security > API Reference > Enable API access

2) Make sure API access is not blocked: > Security > API Permissions

Note: If some API access is disabled, you can still add BetterCloud as a Trusted App (see below for instructions).

3) If BetterCloud was previously installed, make sure that it's turned on for everyone: > Apps > Marketplace Apps > BetterCloud

4) Still unable to register?

a) Open a Ticket

b) Check the Status of BetterCloud

Adding BetterCloud as a Trusted App

If you’ve disabled API access to some Google services, you may need to add both BetterCloud platforms as Trusted Apps.

1) Navigate to the Trusted Apps settings: > Security > API Permissions > Trusted Apps

2) Click the “Whitelist an App” button:

3) Add BetterCloud for G Suite (OAuth2 Client ID 780732048696) as a Trusted Web Application

4) Add the new BetterCloud (OAuth2 Client ID as a Trusted Web Application


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