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Lost Mobile Device

A user on my domain informed me that they lost their mobile device - we therefore need to prevent the device from using G Suite services and syncing corporate data. I also need to automate the process of revoking access and wiping account data from a device if this happens again in the future.

To automate this process, and begin using your Workflow, move the targeted user into the ‘Lost Mobile Device’ Group. Once the Workflow is triggered, the user will be prompted to change their password on next sign in, and their Google account will be completely wiped from the missing device.


1. IF the Group is...

Select the 'Group' in your Workflow's IF condition in order to target the user that is specifically moved into the Group created for lost mobile devices.

  • Please note: the Lost Mobile Device group should be hidden in the Group Directory and Global Address List, and the group’s settings should be set to only allow members to join by invitation. This will prevent other members from joining on their own or being added accidentally.


2. Reset Password

Target the user(s) and select the ‘Require password change on next login’ option in the Reset Password action of your Workflow.

  • Selecting the ‘Require password change on next login’ box is a great security action towards logging the user out of their session and requiring a new password change at their next login attempt.


3. Wipe Mobile Device

The Wipe Mobile Device action allows you to perform either an Account wipe or Mobile wipe of the targeted user's missing mobile device. In this Workflow, we are only removing the user’s Google account from their device, and not all of mobile device’s data, so we will be choosing Account Wipe. 


  • Please note: if this is a Business owned device where the only account on the device would be the corporate account, you should select the ‘Mobile Wipe’ option. Reason being, an account cannot be removed if it is the only account on the device.
    • If proceeding with the above, proceed with caution because this action will delete all data from the user’s mobile device. 

To confirm the prerequisites for using this action successfully, please refer to the Wipe Mobile Device Google Help Center article for additional instructions.

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