Add Members to a Group in Bulk


You can add users to a group in bulk by using the Groups Spreadsheet. This method comes in handy if you have a large list of email addresses that you are trying to add at once.

        1. Navigate to Directory > Groups > Explore and click 'Export to a spreadsheet'
        2. Add the users' email addresses in the 'Add users to group' column separated by pipes (|). You can use this sheet to generate the pipes for you. Note: This sheet is view-only so please make a copy for edit permissions.
        3. Only 100 members can be added at a time per group. However, you can add multiple rows with the same group email address in the sheet to add additional members.
        4. Copy the values from Cell D2 in the 'Add Pipes Sheet'
        5. Navigate to the Groups sheet exported from BetterCloud
        6. Right click, 'Paste Special > Paste values only' in the 'Add members to a group' column
        7. Navigate to Directory > Groups > Update and select the spreadsheet from the dropdown
        8. Select 'Email me when this task is complete' to receive an email notification once it has completed
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