Dropbox Alerts in BetterCloud


Alerts in BetterCloud can be enabled and customized for your domain, to help keep you apprised of security concerns and monitor important settings. Alerts can also be used to trigger Workflows, allowing you to dynamically manage security concerns, redundancies, and routine admin tasks across your organization.

The following is a list of alerts currently available in BetterCloud from the Dropbox Connector.   


Empty Groups

Severity: Minor

Description: Groups with no membership

Trigger: Alert me when Empty Groups exceeds threshold of 3


Files Larger than 1GB Added

Severity: Major

Description: Files uploaded to Dropbox that are greater than 1GB

Trigger: Alert me when Files Larger than 1GB Added  exceeds threshold of 1


Suspended User Count Exceeds Threshold

Severity: Major

Description: The number of users currently suspended has exceeded the threshold set

Trigger: Alert me when Suspended User Count Exceeds Threshold exceeds threshold of 3


Team Administrator Added

Severity: Critical 

Description: Users that have had administrator permissions added

Trigger: Alert me when Team Administrator Added exceeds threshold of 1


Team Administrator Removed

Severity: Major

Description: Users that have had their administrator permissions removed

Trigger: Alert me when Team Administrator Removed exceeds threshold of 1


User-managed Group Added

Severity: Major

Description: A user-managed group has been added to the team

Trigger: Alert me when User-managed Group Added exceeds threshold of 8

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