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This article will help to address some frequently asked questions, regarding BetterCloud app availability. For more information about the new BetterCloud and existing BetterCloud for G Suite, please click here: Welcome to The New BetterCloud

How do I access the new BetterCloud?

When you log into BetterCloud for G Suite, you'll see a "Workflows" menu item in your top navigation bar, as well as a banner announcing the new app; these links will direct you to the new BetterCloud app: 

You can also visit the new BetterCloud directly at app.bettercloud.com.

To navigate back to BetterCloud for G Suite from the new BetterCloud, locate the option at the bottom of your left navigation bar:



How will this new app affect my existing BetterCloud subscription, and what happens when I renew?

For domains currently subscribed to the Enterprise version of BetterCloud, you will have full access to all of our new features, and nothing regarding the pricing or licensing of your existing subscription will change. (If you're not sure which version of BetterCloud you have, please see our article here: Which version of BetterCloud do I have?)

During the lead-up to your domain's renewal period, your account manager will communicate new version options to you, and help you transition to a subscription that best meets your organization's needs. However, if you would like to get in touch with your account manager, please reach out here: success@bettercloud.com

Can I use the new BetterCloud if I don’t use G Suite?

Yes! Currently domains with Okta, Office 365, or Google can use the new BetterCloud. Customers without a Google integration will just not have access to BetterCloud for G Suite.

How long will I have access to both apps?

Both BetterCloud for G Suite and BetterCloud will remain active and fully supported for the time being. When enhancements have been made to BetterCloud to the extent that its functionality exceeds parity with BetterCloud for G Suite, deprecation of BetterCloud for G Suite will be planned. We will provide plenty of information to our customers on this subject, as any future dates and roadmap plans are confirmed!

How do I integrate additional SaaS applications with BetterCloud?

To integrate an existing SaaS product that you use to your BetterCloud platform, please see our article on our Integration Center.

Why don't I see actions for all of the SaaS integrations in the new BetterCloud?

Actions, alerts and exploratory information relating to other SaaS products will only be available in BetterCloud once they are connected to the app. Please see our article on adding integrations.

If you are running into trouble with already connected integrations, please contact Support.

If I make a change (to a user, file, group, etc.) in BetterCloud for G Suite, when is it reflected in BetterCloud?

Any data that is created, deleted or otherwise changed in BetterCloud for G Suite will sync back to G Suite itself in real time. From there Google sends out push notifications that will be detected by the new BetterCloud, and data in this app will update accordingly. These push notifications can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on type.

How do I sign up to hear about new functionality?

If you're an existing customer of ours, good news! We've already got your contact information on file. In advance of big new releases, important changes and newsworthy events, we'll send out email notifications with plenty of details. 

For both existing BetterCloud customers and all IT professionals, you can also join the BetterIT Slack Community

There is an integration I want, but don't see in BetterCloud. Can I request it?

Yes, you certainly can! Please fill out our integration request form here: Request an Integration

How can I get training on the new BetterCloud app?

We have a full section of articles here in our Help Center designed to answer your questions, provide instruction, and help you troubleshoot issues. You can find all of our articles on the new BetterCloud here: BetterCloud Help Articles

Account managers here at BetterCloud are also available for live training sessions. Please speak with your account manager to schedule training here: success@bettercloud.com

Has the new BetterCloud changed the pricing of your services?

Yes; the expansion of our services has necessitated a change in pricing, and we have redesigned our subscription tiers based on this. You can find our pricing information here, as well as the option to request a quote, if you are not an existing customer. 

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