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Information available in grids across BetterCloud can now be exported into a CSV file. This is a convenient way to audit or report on particular subsets of data from across your organization, or prepare inputs for custom data-crunching tasks outside of BetterCloud. 

How To Export

When selecting entities in any of our grids, a corresponding BetterCloud "Export" action will now be available in the "Actions" dropdown menu: 


Filters can be added to your grid, to allow you to scope or narrow the entities you can choose from. Entities can be chosen manually, by page, or by all pages: 


After choosing from available entities in the grid and selecting the corresponding "Export" action from the "Actions" dropdown menu, a right side flyout tab will appear. From the flyout you can take action and export your selected users into a .csv file format.


A link will be delivered to you via email, where you can download this file: 


As with all actions taken in BetterCloud, a record of your export action will be available in the Audit Logs section of the app: 


Important / Requirements

  • When selecting all pages from any grid, the only action available for this selection will be the corresponding "Export" action.
  • It may take 5-10 minutes for the notification email containing your export to be delivered to your inbox.
  • CSV files are available to download from BetterCloud for 48 hours. 
  • Due to API limitations, BetterCloud can export a maximum of 10,000 records.

More Information

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