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NEW SCOPE UPDATE 6/8/2017: BetterCloud now requires 'Domains' permissions in order to handle G Suite Primary & Subdomain switching and updating. 

BetterCloud requires access to Google scopes to display your G Suite data and let you take action through BetterCloud.  Scopes are used to limit the access an application has directly into your account. Below are the Google scopes we require and the reason we require them.


Customizable alerts that will proactively notify your team about important events around users, groups and org units. Improve your control over your IT environment by ensuring the right people and the right groups of people are immediately aware of situations that require action on their part.

Data Management

Ensure that the right people in your organization have access to the right files. Audit the files stored in Google Drive across your organization, and take granular actions to correct permissions.


View all of your Google users, groups, and OUs in one place, along with your directories from other connected cloud apps. BetterCloud will automatically merge matching users across your connected apps, simplifying user management.


Automate tasks to save time and ensure error free execution.

  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Data Management
  • Site Management
  • Calendar Management

Domain Information

BetterCloud needs the 'Domain' permission to retrieve domain and domain alias information and to insert or remove domains from BetterCloud.


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