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In order to add a new user to your domain via BetterCloud for G Suite, you must ensure you have an unused license available. Licenses are available through your reseller (if you purchased G Suite through a reseller) or directly from Google.

Instant Seat Purchase

Note: This section is intended for admins who purchase their G Suite licenses through an authorized G Suite Reseller. If you don't see any of the options below, please contact your reseller and let them know.

  1. To purchase a new license from your reseller you can select “Add License” from the drop down menu at the top of the Browse Users Page or when choosing how to create a user
  2. If your reseller has enabled this feature, the following pop-up will appear which allows you to:
    • a.) Enter in the number of licenses you would like to purchase as well as the currency in which you would like to pay for them. (The maximum quantity of your orders may be limited by your reseller)
    • b.) View your reseller, the next renewal date for your domain, as well as the number of licenses you currently have on your domain.

Note: Your reseller may have the option to purchase new licenses through BetterCloud disabled. If so, you will see the following message when you attempt to add licenses through BetterCloud and you should contact your reseller directly to purchase new licenses.

Purchasing New Licenses From Google

To add new licenses to your domain if you do not have a reseller, you must make the purchase directly from Google in your Admin Console.

The method of adding licenses from your Admin Console depends on your subscription plan, but detailed instructions for each method can be found HERE.

Who is my reseller?

To find out if you have a reseller and to get more information on your reseller simply navigate up to the Settings tab and select “Reseller Access”.

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