Why Sync?

A ‘Sync’ is used to synchronize data between BetterCloud and your G Suite Admin Console, and keep the two in parity. Every time you make a change in BetterCloud, the change will appear instantaneously in your Admin Console. However, in order for changes made in the Admin Console to appear in BetterCloud, a sync must be conducted.

What do I Sync?

There are five types of Syncs in BetterCloud for G Suite: Directory, Drive, Calendars, Sites, and Apps. Each Sync pulls different information from:

Directory Drive
  • All documents owned by users in your domain or shared with your domain
  • Sharing settings of each document
  • With whom the document is shared, both internally and externally
  • Violations of any Drive Compliance policies that are in place
  • All primary and secondary calendars owned by users in your domain
  • Sharing settings of each calendar
  • All Google Sites owned by users in your domain
  • Sharing settings of each Site
  • All third-party apps that users on your domain authenticated to with their G Suite accounts

How do I Sync?

There are two ways to conduct a sync:

  1. Sync Scheduler

    BetterCloud can automatically sync up to once per day. Use the Sync Scheduler to select which days of the week to automatically sync your domain's data.

  2. Manual Sync

    You also have the option to perform a manual sync using the 'Sync Domain' button on the top right corner of the Domain Health and Insight Center. Manual syncs can help to fill in the gaps between scheduled and automated syncs.

    • Step 1- Click the 'Sync Domain' button
    • Step 2- Select what to Sync (Directory, Drive, Calendars, Sites, Google+, Apps)
    • Step 3- Wait for Sync to complete

      The time it takes to complete depends on the size of your domain. It could be as quick as a couple minutes or take as long as several hours. Domain syncs can be run up to once every 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly does the Sync work?
    Using the APIs made available by Google, BetterCloud can make calls for any new or updated data associated with your G Suite account, allowing a flow of information between both applications to keep the two in parity.
  • Is there a limit to how many Syncs I can run?
    You may schedule a sync up to once per day, for a total of 7 syncs per week. You may also sync manually, as needed. There is a mandatory four hour waiting period between each sync.
  • How long does a Sync take?
    This depends on the size of your domain. It can be as quick as a few minutes for smaller domains and as long as a few hours for larger domains.
  • Why do I receive an invalid permissions error when trying to sync?
    This typically means that the user who installed BetterCloud has either been suspended, lost Super-Admin privileges or has been removed from your organization. If this is the case, please contact BetterCloud Support.
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