Installing BetterCloud on Your Domain



Welcome to BetterCloud! This article will help you (the administrator of your domain) deploy BetterCloud for the first time. In about 5 minutes, you'll be managing your domain and its directory.

Note: In order to deploy BetterCloud you must be signed in as a Super Administrator of your domain

Step 1: Navigate to the Marketplace Apps section of the Admin Console.

Step 2: In the upper-right corner, click the "+" icon to add Marketplace Apps.

Step 3: Search BetterCloud and click Install App

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions

Note: Make sure you have BetterCloud enabled for the entire domain.

Step 5: To give BetterCloud access to the necessary APIs, click Grant Data Access.

Admin Console > Apps > Marketplace Apps > BetterCloud > Data access

Step 6: While in the dashboard, navigate to and confirm that the "Enable API access box" is checked.

Admin Console > Security > API reference > API access

Step 7: Ensure that Google Groups for Business is switched "ON".

Note: If Google Groups for Business does not appear under Core Google Services:

  • Click on the option that reads "Click here to add more Google Services to your domain"
  • Locate Google Groups for Business and click Add it Now

Admin Console > G Suite > Groups for Business

Step 8: To launch the application, click more from the Apps Grid that is in the top right corner of GMail.

If it hasn't appeared yet, it should within 24 hours. Alternately, you can always access the BetterCloud app through the following URL:

Step 9: You will be prompted to accept one last set of permissions, when you click the "Login" button. Please click "Allow Access".

Step 10: Please enter your information into the registration form and click "Get Started!" All Super Admins must register in BetterCloud.

Step 11: You will be taken to a welcome screen that will explain that a scan is being performed on your domain.

Depending on the size of your domain, this may take 5 minutes to an hour. Please know that while you can explore BetterCloud, not all of your data will appear until you receive an email saying that scan has scanned successfully.


  • If you do not have permission to install BetterCloud on your domain, you are most likely not a Super Administrator. You can request Admin privileges from your current Administrator or recommend to him/her to deploy BetterCloud.
  • If you cannot see "BetterCloud" in the more menu in the universal navigation bar, it can take up to 24 hours from the time you add BetterCloud from the Marketplace for user cookies to refresh
  • If you cannot even begin deployment, it's very possible that you have not yet verified your domain. For instructions on verifying your domain, click here.
  • If you cannot see or Add Google Groups for Business while in the Admin Console, it means that you are on the legacy free edition of Google Apps and will have limited functionality while configuring Groups in BetterCloud
  • BetterCloud is not compatible with Internet Explorer web browser


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