Types of G Suite Editions



Depending on your Edition of G Suite, you may have limited functionality in BetterCloud.

Google offers fewer APIs to "Basic" domains than Business, Education, Government, and Nonprofits:

  • If you have G Suite for Business, Education, Government, or Nonprofits, you will be able to use BetterCloud without limits.
  • If you have the legacy "Google Apps," (aka "free" or "Standard Edition") there will be limitations when using BetterCloud.

How Do I know which version I have?

Your edition of G Suite is labeled in the Google Admin Console, which you can find here.

In the Admin Console, you must click into the "Billing" section from your Dashboard, to view your G Suite edition.

If you have the legacy edition of Google Apps (free) only the following functionality will not work in BetterCloud:

Email Settings:
  • Signatures
  • Delegates
  • Monitors
  • Send-as Alias
  • Labels
  • Filters
  • Forwarding
  • Auto Reply
  • Web/General Settings
  • Language
  • Calendar Resources
Groups limitations
  • Cannot update Group Settings 
  • Cannot manage sharing of contacts 
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