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1.  How Do I Create a New Group?

Create a new group in BetterCloud

2.  How do I add members to a Group?

Add Members to Group in BetterCloud 

3.  A user on my domain is part of a lot of groups, but BetterCloud is not showing them. Why?

BetterCloud is only able to pull information based on a user's primary domain.  If you add users to a group on a domain alias, they will not appear in BetterCloud. 

4.  What is a nested group?

If you are familiar with Org Units, nested groups are similar to a "child OU" as the nested group belongs to a higher level or parent OU.  

To add a nested group:

  • Select a group in which you would like to add a group to
  • Select "Add Members"
  • Search and select an existing group.  This group will be added as a nested group.
Note: If you email the parent group, the users of the nested group will receive the message in addition to the parent group.  If you email the nested group, only the nested group members will receive the message.  A nested groups counts as 1 group member.

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