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BetterCloud offers a variety of tools for your G Suite domains.  At each update, we will be adding better functionality and additional features.

 How do I install BetterCloud?

Please follow these instructions.

 Common reasons you cannot install or access BetterCloud

You are not a domain super administrator
-Only G Suite super administrators can access BetterCloud in "Admin" mode.  All other non-admins will view BetterCloud in "End User View."

BetterCloud is turned "OFF" as as service within the Admin Console > Organizations
-If you have revoked access to BetterCloud for an Org Unit, it is possible that you revoked it for yourself as well.  Read more

You have not "Granted Data Access" or revoked data access from the Admin Console > Marketplace Apps > BetterCloud Settings
-Navigate to the Admin Console > Marketplace apps > BetterCloud  > Grant Data Access

You have not verified your domain.
-If you have just recently migrated to G Suite,  it's possible that you have not yet verified your domain.  For instructions click here

You have not clicked "Allow Access" after you tried accessing for the first time
-This is the second set of permissions that allows BetterCloud Authorized Access

You have not completed the BetterCloud registration
-each admin will have to complete the BetterCloud registration form once.

You have not "Enabled Provisioning API" from the Admin Console
-To enable, Navigate to the Admin Console > Domain Settings > Users Settings > and check the Enable Provisioning API box. Save changes. 

You have changed your domain name in which you log into BetterCloud with (sub-domains).
If this is the case, you must contact BetterCloud Support to have your domain name changed. 

You are using a browser other than Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
BetterCloud works best in Google Chrome and is tested successfully on the above browsers. 

You cannot find BetterCloud in the "More" drop down
-Please access BetterCloud directly from this link: https://g.bettercloud.com.  It may take up to 24 hours to appear in your G Suite "More" Dropdown.

You have not enabled Google Groups for Business
-In the Admin Console > Apps > G Suite, and ensure that Google Groups for Business is switched "ON." 
-If you have the legacy edition of Google Apps (free), you will not be able to choose this option and you will be limited in regards to Groups management in BetterCloud.  Read more.

You are accessing BetterCloud from China
-China GFW blocks Google App Engine because some applications may contain sensitive content.  Read more

You are not signed into your domain account.
-You may be trying to sign-in to BetterCloud with your personal or account other than your G Suite domain.  To test if this is your issue, try signing into BetterCloud from an incognito window.  If you can sign in, we recommend that you Manage Multiple Users with Chrome or use Multiple Sign-In

 How can I be sure BetterCloud is safe to install?

BetterCloud and BetterCloud adhere to the strictest of privacy concerns.  Please read this article that we've dedicated to explaining our privacy and security policies.

 Will installing BetterCloud affect any of my existing Applications from the G Suite Marketplace?

In short, no.  You may have more than one admin tool installed.  BetterCloud will not affect or disrupt any other applications or your G Suite account.  The reason being that we use many of the same APIs as other applications, and all have the same constraints and controls in place to ensure we don't do harm to your domain. Further Information Regarding: Understanding Data Access.


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