FAQ: Directory Information in BetterCloud for G Suite


Why is My Directory Information Inconsistent with Google Admin Console Info?

When in doubt: Run a Sync

Scenario 1: Changes made in Google Admin Console or GADS

This is by far the most likely scenario.  BetterCloud and G Suite communicate via Google APIs.  Any changes made in BetterCloud will be effective immediately and appear in both BetterCloud and the Admin Console.  However, changes made in Admin Console will not appear in BetterCloud for G Suite until a directory sync has run.

  • To initiate a sync navigate to the BetterCloud for G Suite homepage and click the icon next to "Directory"
  • You can view the last time your domain has synced by navigating to your domain's Activity Log records at Reports > Logs > Activity

Here's how BetterCloud for G Suite will sync with your Domain:

Scenario 2: Your initial sync upon installation has not completed or a sync is currently running.

Wait for an email to notify that the sync has completed, or navigate to Reports > Logs > Activity to view any syncs in progress, which will be listed in blue. 

Scenario 3: Problem with Groups

  • You have the legacy edition of Google Apps (free) and therefore do not have the ability to use Google Groups for Business.  You will not have full functionality to manage Groups (or Shared Contacts) in BetterCloud.
  • You have G Suite Business but have not switched Google Groups for Business "ON". To do so, see instructions here.
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