Google Groups, Google Groups for Business, and Org Units


Google Groups

Google Groups provides a convenient way for your users to send messages to groups of people they frequently contact.  A group contains the email addresses of its members, so users can send a message to all the group's member's using the single address for the group.  Users can use groups to more easily:

  • Communicate and collaborate with groups of people
  • Manage access to your documents, sites, videos, and calendars

Google Groups are hosted in your domain ( and are limited to the users in your domain.

To access these groups, navigate to Directory > Groups


Google Groups for Business

Essentially, this service is the same as Google Groups, but with a few added features. When enabled in your G Suite account (not available in the free legacy edition of Google Apps) you can enhance messaging and collaboration among your users. With this service, users can:

  • Manage their group memberships
  • Create their own groups
  • In order for BetterCloud to work properly, this service must be turned ON in the Google Admin Console. For instructions, click here.
  • Click here for more information on Groups in BetterCloud.

Org Units

You can create an organizational structure in order to control which G Suite apps and services are available to users. Each user belongs to one organization unit, and for each organizational unit you can specify which services are available to its users. To control the service access for a single user, create an OU that includes just that user.

The organizational structure you define in G Suite may or may not be the same as your corporate organizational structure. The G Suite organizational structure controls only which services are available to which users.

To access Org Units in BetterCloud, navigate to Directory > Org Units


  • Click here for more information on Org Units in BetterCloud.


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