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From within BetterCloud, admins can manage whether or not their end users can access the BetterCloud app, what types of information those end users can see, and which actions they can take.

The BetterCloud End User view can allow some, or all of your end users to view your domain's directory, self-edit their contact information, create and edit third party contacts that can be shared with other users, and request exceptions for documents that have been flagged by Drive policies

End User Settings

The End User Settings menu is available to admins, and can be found by navigating to the "Settings" gear icon in BetterCloud's top bar, and selecting "End User Settings". At the top of this page, you can:

1. Enable or disable the BetterCloud end user view entirely

2. If enabled, add user or org unit exceptions for whom you wish access to be disabled

3. Customize which of their own contact information fields you users will be able edit 

At the bottom of the page, you can also: 
4. Allow your end users access to some Directory actions in BetterCloud
5. Allow access to actions in Apps Butler*
*Please note: Google has eliminated services required by the Apps Butler to function - therefore, the Apps Butler has officially been deprecated by BetterCloud. Supporting articles in the BetterCloud Help Center will remain until all components of the Apps Butler tool have been removed from the BetterCloud for G Suite app. 
6. Allow your users to receive email notifications, when documents they own have violated a Drive policy. This will also allow them to request exceptions for these documents within their BetterCloud end user view. 


The Home Page shows users a preview of everything that your user can do in "End User" view. 


Users can browse the Directory for Employees at your domain, Groups, and Company (Shared) Contacts.

My Profile

With Profile Editing enabled, users can edit the contact information that you have chosen.

Email to send your users

We recommend that you send your users an email, letting them know what BetterCloud is and how they can use it. Below is a sample template that can be sent.

To all users of {CompanyName},

I'd like to let you know that we are using a helpful G Suite tool called BetterCloud. I have been using BetterCloud to help manage our G Suite domain, but now, you can use it as well. To open BetterCloud, look for the "more" section on the black navigation bar above your Gmail screen. Select "BetterCloud" and a new screen will open. Inside of this application, you will be able to edit your personal profile as well as view the company directory with information about Employees, Groups, and Company (Shared) Contacts. If you have any questions about BetterCloud, please let me know.



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an admin, how can I view my end-user view?
You can click on "admin" on the top right and click on "end-user"

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