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Google Groups provides a convenient way for your users to send messages to groups of people they frequently contact. A group contains the email addresses of its members, so users can send a message to all the group's member's using the single address for the group. Users can user groups to more easily:

  • Communicate and collaborate with groups of people
  • Manage access to your documents, sites, videos, and calendars

Google Groups are hosted in your domain ( and are limited to the users in your domain.

To access these groups, navigate to Directory > Groups > Explore

Google Groups for Business

Essentially, it is the same as Google Groups, but with a few added features. When enabled in your G Suite account, (not available in the free legacy edition of Google Apps) you can enhance messaging and collaboration among your users. With this service, users can:

  • Manage their group memberships
  • Create their own groups

Note: In order for BetterCloud to work properly, this service must be turned ON in the Google Admin Console. For instructions, click here.

Explore Groups

When you select groups from your directory tab you will be taken to the Browse Groups page

Here you will be able to,

  1. Create Groups, which is the tool used to create new groups on your domain and/or Bulk Update Groups, which is a tool that used to update/edit all of your groups simultaneously using a spreadsheet
  2. Filter Groups by name or email
  3. Export to a spreadsheet
  4. View Group names
  5. View Group emails
  6. View number of owners for each group
  7. View number of members in each group
  8. Who can join the group
  9. Whether or not the group is visible in Directory
  10. View Group status

Individual Group Summary

By clicking on the name of a group from the Groups Overview you will be able to see a summary for that individual group

In the summary you will be able to,

  1. View number of users within the group
  2. View number of nested Groups
    • Nested groups are groups within a group
  3. View and edit the groups settings
  4. View group status
  5. View group owners
    • Group owners are allowed to select and remove other group collaborators
  6. Add or remove group members
  7. Utilize group tools
    • Delete Group- Removes all content and members from group
    • Add Members- Allows you to add more users to the group
    • Edit Group Settings- Edit the name, description, and access settings for the group
    • Add Group Owners- You can use this to add more owners to a group
  8. Edit Group Aliases

Important / Requirements

  • If your group settings fail to be updated, please run a directory sync, to make sure that BetterCloud is displaying the most up to date information, and then try again. If you continue to receive an error after your directory sync has completed, please contact Support.
  • Please enable the Public Options if you would like to see the below settings from within Edit Group Settings
  • "Hidden in the Directory" refers to the Google Groups Interface and in BetterCloud. Groups will never show in your Google Contacts Directory.
  • Ensure that you have the proper BetterCloud and Admin Console settings below enabled, or you will experience API failures:

Admin Console


Group FAQ

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