Bulk Update Groups



  1. Export Groups
  2. Find Spreadsheet in Google Drive
  3. Update Information
  4. Select Update Groups in BetterCloud
  5. Select Spreadsheet

Updating Groups in Bulk is an easy way to save time while making changes to many groups at a time. This could be useful if you needed to change the settings on several groups simultaneously or if you recently hired new employees and wanted to add them to a number of groups at once.

Step 1: Export groups

First you will want to export all your groups to a spreadsheet from the Groups Explorer page. Click 'Export to a spreadsheet' to do so:

Step 2: Find Spreadsheet in Google Drive

You can easily find this spreadsheet in your Google Drive account by selecting the "recent" section from your left side navigation options.

Step 3: Update Information in Spreadsheet

You can update or add information on the spreadsheet:

  • If you are updating information enter ‘UPDATE’ in column A
  • If you are adding a new group enter NEW in column A
  • Do not copy and paste data into the spreadsheet from a non-google spreadsheet

Step 4: Select Update Groups in BetterCloud

Within BetterCloud, select 'Bulk Update Groups' from the drop down menu below the 'Create' button, located in the top right corner of the Groups Explorer page:

Step 5: Select Recently Updated Spreadsheet

Select your recently updated spreadsheet from the dropdown menu then click "Update Groups". (if you do not see your spreadsheet, hit the refresh button.)


Ensure that you have the proper Google Admin Console Settings:

  • Check "users can share document outside this organization"
  • or
  • Check "Let users receive document from outside this organization"

You will need to enable the settings that allow users to install Google Drive apps in the Admin Console for spreadsheets to be added and modified to Drive. This setting is found by going to Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Data Access and selecting ‘Allow users to install Google Docs add-ons’.


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