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Provisioning Users is one of the most important (and often time-consuming) parts of managing your G Suite Directory.  While you can create a new user in the Admin Console, the Provisioning User Tools that BetterCloud provides offer great time-saving techniques.

Using the Create Users tools, you will be able to add new users to your domain. These can be used to add a single user or to add multiple users at a time.


Note: The total number of available licenses may be more than actually available. Google currently combines G Suite and Vault licenses in their API results.

If you have recently added licenses in the Admin Console and do not see them reflected in BetterCloud, you may need to run a Directory sync

Create a Single User

To create a single user you will want to use the Guided function on the Create Users page. This function will walk you through all the necessary steps to creating a user.


    1. Account Information
      • First and Last Name
      • Email
      • Password
        • We strongly recommend that you check "Require password change on next sign in" when creating a new user in BetterCloud to ensure that the user's password is secure.
      • Password Policy and Administrative Access

      You can quickly add a user by skipping the remainder of this process using the dropdown menu.

    2. Contact Information

      • The Time Saver option can expedite this process; it allows you to pull all of the information from an already existing user.

    3. Organizational Unit Membership

    4. Add User to Groups

    5. Create an Email Signature for the User

    6. Add subscriptions to Apps Butler* and/or Mobile Contact Sync *Please note: Google has eliminated services required by the Apps Butler to function - therefore, the Apps Butler has officially been deprecated by BetterCloud. Supporting articles in the BetterCloud Help Center will remain until all components of the Apps Butler tool have been removed from the BetterCloud for G Suite app. 

    7. Review and finish

    8. Welcome Email
      • After provisioning your user, there is an option to send a customizable welcome email to the address of your choosing so that the new User has their credentials to log in. Image_2019-07-19_at_4.46.29_PM.pngImage_2019-07-19_at_4.47.23_PM.png


Create Multiple Users/Bulk Update Users

To create multiple users simultaneously you will want to use the Bulk function. This will allows you to add multiple users via Google spreadsheet.

How to Bulk Create Users:

        1. Make sure you have enough licenses
        2. Choose either a blank spreadsheet, or create a sheet utilizing an existing user as a sample template to follow
        3. Add NEW users’ information to the spreadsheet
          • Account Information
          • User Group Memberships
          • Org Unit
          • Contact Info
          • URL/Notes
          • Nickname/Alias
          • Subscriptions
          • Choose whether or not to send a welcome email to new users
        4. Navigate back to BetterCloud, and select your spreadsheet from the dropdown menu in Step 3; you may need to refresh this dropdown to see it.  
        5. Click Create Users

Notes on Bulk User Creation:

  • Make sure you have enough licenses before attempting to bulk create
  • The column for sending a welcome email is only for newly added users
  • Remember to send each user their login details
  • Do not copy and paste in data from a non-google spreadsheet, or use formulas to enter values into your spreadsheet


      1. You must have enough G Suite licenses to create new users. If this number seems incorrect in BetterCloud:
        • Run a Directory sync
        • This count also includes Vault licenses
      2. The email address cannot already exist as an alias or group
      3. The password must be the minimum length set in the Admin Console under Security > Basic settings

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