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You can create an organizational structure in order to control which G Suite services are available to users. Each user belongs to one Organizational Unit, and for each Organizational Unit you can specify which services are available to its users. To control the service access for a single user, create an Org Unit that includes just that user.

The organizational structure you define in G Suite may or may not be the same as your corporate organizational structure. The G Suite organizational structure controls only which services are available to which users.

For example, you could create separate Org Units for users that are allowed to share documents publicly and users that are not allowed to share documents publicly. You could also create Org Units for users that are in the Marketing Department and those that are in Human Resources.

Organizational Units are different from Groups in the sense that a user can only belong to one organizational unit, but can belong to multiple groups.

Browse Org Units

When you select Org Units from your Directory tab, you will be taken to the Browse Org Units Page. (BetterCloud Home>Directory>Org Units)

From this page you can,

  1. View the name of each Org Unit
  2. View the number of members in each Org Unit
  3. View the parent Org Unit of any of the child Org Units
  4. Search for Org Units by name
  5. Export Org Units to a spreadsheet
  6. Create New Org Units

Create New Org Unit

    1. Name the Org Unit
    2. Assign the Org Unit as either a Parent Org Unit or a Child Org Unit contained under an existing Org Unit
    3. Write a description for the Org Unit (optional)
    4. Click Create Org Unit

    1. Click 'Add Org Unit Members' to populate the Org Unit

    1. Add members to the Org Unit by clicking the [+] icon to the right of their name
    2. Click Apply after adding as members as you would like
      • Note: Adding members to the Org Unit that were previously in a different Org Unit will transfer their membership to the new Org Unit and only the new Org Unit.

    1. Congratulations, you are now viewing your new Org Unit!

Org Unit Tools

The Org Unit Tools can be found in the left navigation when viewing an individual Org Unit. The tools include,

  • Update Org Unit- This Tool allows you to change the name, level, and description of the Org Unit.
  • Delete Org Unit- This Tool allows you to delete this Org Unit from your domain.
    Note: You may only delete an Org Unit if it contains no members and it has no child Org Units under it.
  • Move Members- This Tool allows to move users from one Org Unit to another because users can not be in more than one Org Unit at a time.
  • Add Members- This Tool allows you to add members to an Org Unit. When adding a member to an Org Unit, they will automatically be removed from any Org Unit they were already a member of because users may only be in one Org Unit at a time.
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