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Every user has a primary email address, which is the email address created with the user's account, and the address used to log into Google services. In addition to this single email address, administrators can create additional email aliases. An email alias is an alternative email address that points to a primary, existing user account.

Creating an Alias

To add an alias:

    1. Click on the Alias tab
  • Enter a name and choose which domain/sub-domain it will be applied to
  • Click the '+' to save the alias

Remove an Alias

Click on the red X to the left of the existing nickname.

Important / Requirements

  • There is a limit of 30 aliases per user
  • While users will be able to receive emails sent to "," they will not be able to send from that email address immediately. The user must follow these instructions.
  • Aliases cannot be repeated, they can only be used once per domain.
  • You cannot create aliases for a Domain Alias in BetterCloud due to API restrictions. We recommend you 'Add another domain' and create aliases from that sub-domain in BetterCloud. You can bulk add nicknames using our Bulk Edit User tool.

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