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Bulk Update Users allows you to make changes to your Users' Account, Directory, and Contact Information via a spreadsheet. Click 'Create' on the top right of the users exploration page and select 'Bulk Update Users' from the dropdown menu (shown below). Alternatively, you can navigate to Directory > Users > Update.

Step 1: Export Users

Once you've selected 'Bulk Update Users', click on the 'Export users to spreadsheet' button

Step 2: Edit Users

Note: If you are copying data from a non-Google sheet please ensure that you Paste Special > Paste values only
  1. Navigate to your Google Drive. Your spreadsheet will be title "User Directory - Page #1"
  2. Open the exported spreadsheet
  3. Update the users' information

Fields you can update:

  • Account Information: ID (G Suite Email), First Name, Last Name, Password, Require Password on next sign-in, Suspend/Restore User, Hide/Show User
  • Group Membership: Add or Remove groups to the user
  • Org Unit: Update, add, or delete
  • Contact Information: AKA, Title, Department, Manager, Company, Work phone, Main phone, cell phone, home phone, Work address, Home address, Other address, Work email, Home email, Other email, Work im, URL, Notes
  • Photo URL: You can upload a hosted image per user. Note: When exporting, the cells will be blank.
  • Nickname/Alias: Update an email alias
  • Subscriptions: Apps Butler*, Mobile Contact Sync
    • *Please note: Google has eliminated services required by the Apps Butler to function - therefore, the Apps Butler has officially been deprecated by BetterCloud. Supporting articles in the BetterCloud Help Center will remain until all components of the Apps Butler tool have been removed from the BetterCloud for G Suite app. 
  • Welcome Email: Send welcome email to newly provisioned user
  • New Password: Set a new password for your users. Required for new users, but you can use this field to give your existing users new passwords as well.
  • Hashed Passwords: Hashed passwords are a new feature we added to the User Bulk Update Spreadsheet. This feature will allow you to create hashed passwords for your users under the SHA1 format.

    IMPORTANT! When new creating new passwords for users, there is both a New Password and Hashed Password field. You can only have ONE of those fields filled out at any given moment, or else your bulk update will fail for that user.

    • If you are not creating a hashed password for your users, leave the Hashed Passwords field empty.
    • If you are creating a hashed password for your users, leave the New Password field empty.

Here is a sample of what the export will look like:

Please follow the instructions within the first 3 rows of the spreadsheet as well as the notes section of each cell.

Step 3: Import Users

Select your spreadsheet from the drop down menu. If you do not see it, please click the refresh button. Click Update Users after you've selected your spreadsheet from the dropdown menu.

Important / Requirements

Ensure that you have the proper Google Admin Console settings, by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Sharing settings:

  • Check "Files owned by users in domain can be shared outside of domain"
  • or
  • Check "Allow users in domain to receive files from users outside of domain"

Here's what this will look like:


You will need to enable the settings that allow users to install Google Drive apps in the Admin Console for spreadsheets to be added and modified to Drive. This setting is found by going to Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Features and Applications and selecting ‘Allow users to install Google Docs add-ons from add-ons store'



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