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From within a user's profile page in BetterCloud, you can control the visibility of this user's primary and secondary calendars, and delegate access to them, for other users on your domain to view, edit or take ownership.

Step 1: Create a Delegation Pairing

To get started, click on Directory > Users, then click into an individual user. On the left navigation menu, click Calendar Delegation.

Begin typing a user's name and click to auto-fill his email address.

A typical use case would be giving an Assistant (Pauly Allen) calendar access to an Executive (Albert Einstein). In this example, enter the Assistant in the Delegates box, then select the access that the Assistant will gain to the Executive's calendar.

Step 2: Calendar Sharing Settings

Primary Calendar:

  • Share only with Select this option to make the Executive's (Albert Einstein) calendar viewable only to users within the domain.
  • Make Calendar Public: Select this option to make the Executive's (Albert Einstein) calendar viewable to anyone.

Other Owned Calendars:

The same options for Calendar Sharing Settings are available, though with Other Owned Calendars, you are able to change the Access of both users in the Delegation Pairing.

Step 3: Review and Save

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