The Email Forwarding Tool allows you to set a user's incoming emails to be forwarded to another email address, as well as how the original emails will be handled after being forwarded. BetterCloud allows this action to be implemented without the confirmation of the receiving user, which is not possible using standard options in the Google Admin Console or Gmail.

Step 1: Setup Forwarding

  • Set forwarding to ENABLED
  • Enter an email address to have messages forwarded to.
  • Select what to do with the original email after a copy is forwarded.
  • NOTE: You cannot forward mail to more than one address, or an address that exists outside of your domain using this tool. To do that, our recommended workaround is to create a group with your desired forwarding addresses as members and designate the group's address as the forwarding address in this step.

Step 2: Select People

Select which user this forwarding rule will be applied to:

Step 3: Review and Apply

Confirm your settings:

Important / Requirements

  • Due to limitations in Google's API, BetterCloud can only be used to create forwarding rules to domain-internal addresses. If you wish to create a forwarding rule to an external address, it must be done either directly in the user's Gmail settings, or by using the following workaround in BetterCloud:
    First create a new group, then add the email address you wish to forward to as an external member. You can then create a forwarding rule in BetterCloud that forwards to this group.
  • Similar to the above use case, BetterCloud can only be used to create one forwarding rule per account, which directs to a single address. If you require multiple addresses to receive these forwarded messages, you can use the same workaround detailed above to create a group, and add these multiple addresses as members.
  • Forwarding rules can be disabled from within BetterCloud, but not deleted. Forwarding rules can be manually deleted in a user's Gmail Settings.
  • Please ensure that you have "Automatic forwarding" Enabled in the Google Admin Console:
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