Labels allow you to automatically organize email messages into categories using custom labels. You can also standardize labels for Users across your domain and provides a great way to standardize or help Users of your domain organize and categorize their mailboxes.

Step 1 - Create a Label

Navigate to Tools > Gmail > Labels, from your BetterCloud top bar. You'll be presented with the option to create a new label name by entering your label name and clicking "+ Label". You can repeat this process to create additional labels in the same step, if you have multiple labels that need to be applied to the same users. 

Step 2 - Select People

Select a user, group, OU, or everyone on the domain to apply this label to

Step 3 - Review and Apply

Labels in Gmail

  1. To see the changes, refresh your browser
  2. Click on an email(s) and "move to" or "label"

Removing a Label

Please note that, although labels can be applied in bulk through BetterCloud, they must be deleted from each user's account individually. To remove a label from a user's account:

  1. Navigate to the user's profile page in BetterCloud. Under "Email Tools" on the left side of the page, click "Labels". 
  2. From the user's list of labels, click the "X" icon next to the one you wish to remove. This will delete the label from the user's Gmail settings. 

Important / Requirements

  • Editions: This feature is unavailable for the free legacy edition of Google Apps 
  • Label names must not conflict with reserved label names in GMail, which in English include inbox, unread, drafts, sent, chat, muted, spam, trash, popped, and contacts.
  • There is no way to monitor or enforce your users' use of these labels. They can delete or choose not to use them.

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