You can use BetterCloud's policies to create email settings that are right for your domain. POP and IMAP protocols allow someone to download messages from Gmail's servers onto his desktop or mobile mail client; by managing these settings, you can allow your users to be able to access mail with a non-cloud based program. 

Create a Policy

Navigate to Email Tools and select IMAP/POP
Click Create IMAP/POP policy

  1. Select ON/OFF for POP and/or IMAP Access
  2. Select Users, Groups, or Org Units to apply this setting to
  3. Review and Apply

Edit/Delete a Policy

  • To edit, click the pencil icon
  • To delete, click the red X

IMAP/POP in the Admin Console

Alternatively, you can disable IMAP/POP on a domain wide level in the Google Admin Console:

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