You can use BetterCloud for G Suite's policies to create email settings that are right for your domain. POP and IMAP protocols allow someone to download messages from Gmail's servers onto her desktop or mobile mail client; by managing these settings, you can allow your users to be able to access mail with a non-cloud based program. 

Create a Policy

Navigate to Email Tools and select IMAP/POP
Click Create IMAP/POP policy

  1. Select ON/OFF for POP and/or IMAP Access
  2. Select Users, Groups, or Org Units to apply this setting to
  3. Review and Apply

Edit/Delete a Policy

  • To edit, click the pencil icon
  • To delete, click the red X

IMAP/POP in the Admin Console

Alternatively, you can disable IMAP/POP on a domain wide level in the Google Admin Console:

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