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*Please note: Google has eliminated services required by the Apps Butler to function - therefore, the Apps Butler has officially been deprecated by BetterCloud. Supporting articles in the BetterCloud Help Center will remain until all components of the Apps Butler tool have been removed from the BetterCloud for G Suite app. 


The Apps Butler is a multi-functional tool that allows you to:

  • perform look-ups on User, Groups, OUs, and Shared Contacts in BetterCloud or your Google Talk or Chat client
  • broadcast messages to the entire company that will appear in your users' chat client
  • perform limited functions of BetterCloud without opening BetterCloud

Configuring the Apps Butler

  1. Manage Quick Links
    • Links you enter here will appear when you enter "/links" into the Apps Butler
  2. Invite Users
    • Invite users to have the Apps Butler appear in their Google Chat
    • The user will receive a request to chat with "appsbutler"
    • Alternatively, users can subscribe themselves by inviting "" to chat
  3. Configure Displayed Fields
    • Select which fields will be displayed when carrying out a "/who" query

How to Use the Apps Butler

    1. Begin a Chat with the Apps Butler
          Note: the Apps Butler does not function in Google Hangouts
    1. Type a query

What you can query for

Users and Admins

/who David Sims
Returns results on user "David Sims"

Returns your links

/contact Rachel Englander
Returns results for Shared Contact "Rachel Englander"

Lets you know what you can query for

Admins Only

/broadcast Fire Drill in 10 Minutes
Sends broadcast message to all subscribed users

/groupcast meeting in 5 minutes
Sends groupcast message to all members of the marketing group

/contact Rachel Englander
Returns results for Shared Contact "Rachel Englander

/resetpassword stacy.lazar newpassword1234
Resets password of user stacy.lazar to newpassword123

/suspend stacy.lazar
Suspends user stacy.lazar

Unsubscribe Users

  • To unsubscribe all, use the drop down arrow next to "Invite Users" to Unsubscribe All
  • To unsubscribe a single user, click on subscribe under "Broadcast Subscription" to switch to unsubscribed
Note: Users will still see the invitation in their Google Talk window and be able to invite themselves to Apps Butler

Configure Fields Displayed

You can configure which fields will return when users query for results:


You can use the Apps Butler using any chat client on your mobile device. Just sign in with your G Suite account and use the Apps Butler as you would in Google Talk.

Android: Automatically comes with "Google Talk" app

Other phones and Tablets: Install any chat client that you like

Important / Requirements

  • Apps Butler is only compatible with Google Chat, and will not work with Google Hangouts
  • Only domain super admins can send broadcasts, change passwords, and suspend users
  • Only users who have accepted an invite to the Apps Butler will receive broadcasts
  • Hidden Users will not appear for non-super admins
  • Multiple groups beginning with the same string of letters, add an "@" to the end of the group name to search for a specific group. For example, if you have 3 groups: tech, tech-ops, and tech-ops-admin, you can search for "tech@" to just return user results for the "tech" group.
  • Hidden groups will result with "no members to display"
  • According to a group's settings, if any user can post messages, any user can send a GroupCast. If only owners can send messages, only owners will be able to send GroupCasts.

Admin Console Settings

  • In the Admin Console, please navigate to Apps > G Suite > Google Talk/Hangouts > Advanced Settings, and ensure that you have the following settings enabled. If not, invitations will automatically be rejected and the Apps Butler will not work:

Apps Butler FAQ

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