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The Email Delegation Tool allows you to delegate the inbox of one user to another user. For example if you were to delegate the inbox of John Doe to user Jane Deer, Jane would have full access to John Doe’s inbox from her own account. BetterCloud allows this action to be implemented without the confirmation of the receiving user, which is not possible in the standard Control Panel

Create Email Delegation Pairing

Delegate Inbox
  • Select an active user from the auto-suggest to be the delegate (Do not type in a user's email address.) 
  • Select an active user whose inbox will be accessed. Pairings can be created across primary and sub-domains.
  • Click add pairing. You can then repeat the above steps to create additional pairings. When finished, click Apply Now.

Delete an Email Delegation Pairing

To delete a single pairing, click the red X under Actions
To delete multiple pairings at once select the boxes to the left of each pairing and then click the Delete Delegates button

Search for a pairing

Use the search bar to filter delegations to only show pairings containing that user

Email Delegates in Gmail

Email Delegation Pairings may take up to an hour to take effect, although they often complete much faster. Refresh your browser and click on your name on the top right to view which inboxes you have delegated access to.

  • In this scenario, Eli has delegated access to Sarah's inbox.

Each user can remove pairings on their own from within Gmail settings. Click on the Gear Icon on the top-right of your Gmail and click on Settings > Accounts and look for Grant access to your account:

  • In this scenario, Sarah can see that Eli has access to her inbox.
  • Sarah can also delete the pairing or manually Add another account.

Important / Requirements

  • In the Admin Console, Gmail must be listed as "On for everyone" or on for the org units that both accounts in your delegation pairing are placed in.
  • To successfully create a delegation ensure that:
    • Both users involved are ACTIVE (not suspended, or deleted.) If you have recently restored a user, there can be a delay of up to an hour after restoration, before you can delegate their inbox.
    • Any newly created users have logged in to their Google accounts at least once, and accepted Google's terms of service.
    • 'Let users delegate access to their mailbox to others in the domain' is enabled in the Admin Console. This is found by navigating to > Apps > G Suite > Gmail > User settings.
    • The user being accessed does not have 'Require password change on next sign in' applied. This is found by locating the user in the Admin Console and navigating to > Users > Account > Password.
  • Please note: Even after all requirements are met there may be a delay of up to an hour before a delegation can be created.
  • If a delegation pairing was originally created in Gmail via an invitation, but that invitation was not either ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’, it will still sync into BetterCloud. You will need to delete the attempted pairing in order to create the delegation anew in BetterCloud.
  • A user's inbox can only be delegated to a maximum of 25 users.
  • A delegate can only have access to up to 10 inboxes.
  • The delegation will fail if a duplicate pairing already exists (even if that pairing hasn't yet synced into BetterCloud).
  • Editions: This feature is unavailable in the Legacy Free edition of Google Apps.

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