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This tool allows you to designate a user to monitor the emails of another user. The monitor will receive a summary in the form of a .txt file every time the user they are monitoring sends or receives an email. The monitor can also be adjusted to include chats and drafts.

To give a user full access to another user's inbox, you'll instead want to use the Email Delegation Tool.

Set up Email Audit Monitor

Next to "Email Monitor Activity" select "Create Monitor"

  1. Select Inbox
      • Begin typing in a user's first or last name, and it will auto-populate
      • Click add pairing and Continue
  2. Choose Settings
      • Check Email, Drafts, and/or Chats. Note: Because of the API used, Incoming and Outgoing must be selected.
      • Choose a Begin and/or End Date. Note: Leave the "End Date" blank if you would like to have it be continuous.
      • Click Continue
  3. Review and Apply
      • Ensure that you would like to apply the monitor you created and click Apply Now.

Delete Existing Email Audit Monitor

To delete an existing email monitor, click the red X under Actions

To delete multiple pairings at once select the boxes to the left of each pairing and then click the Delete Monitors button

Search for a pairing

Use the search bar to filter monitor pairings to only show pairings containing that user

What an Email Monitor Looks Like

Emails will be sent to you from "" or appear as from "Me." The email will be attached as a ".txt." file which is searchable in the Google Search bar.

Information / Requirements

  • Editions: This feature is unavailable for The legacy free edition of Google Apps
  • It might take up to an hour for the pairing to appear in the Email Monitor Activity Summary, you can check your notifications
  • You can create more than one monitor at a time but will have to choose identical settings for all

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a user tell when he/she is being monitored?
No. Users have no way of detecting if/when a monitor is in place.

How Can I search the .txt file that is sent to me?
You are able to use the Google Search Bar to search any .txt file, including the ones that are attached when you are monitoring another users' inbox.

How can I view the .txt file easier?
Watch this video: How to Download and convert to html format.

Can I set up a monitor across domains? (ie. from a primary domain to subdomain?)
Unfortunately, this is a G Suite limitation and is not possible. If you have a domain such as and you cannot assign a monitor from to monitor the inbox of

Will "Off the record" chats be caught in email audit monitors?
No. Chats "off the record" will not be caught by the Email Audit Monitor tool. There is no way as an admin to view "off the record" chats with BetterCloud.

I only want to receive some of the audit monitor settings, but the check-boxes are grayed-out, what can I do?
With the APIs that Google offers, it is necessary to also receive incoming and outgoing. However, you can work around this by setting up a filter in Gmail.

For the purposes of explaining this workaround, think of the "Monitor", the person doing the monitoring and the "monitee," the person being monitored.

After you create your pairing in BetterCloud, this is how monitoring will appear in the monitors inbox.

  1. Chats to/from monitee- " Chat"
  2. Incoming Messages to monitee- " Message received"
  3. Saved Drafts created by monitee- " Draft"
  4. Outgoing Messages from monitee- " Message sent"
***For Example, to only receive Chats;***

Step 1: Create 3 separate filters in Gmail (or BetterCloud if you are not the one receiving the emails) so that the subject is:

" Message sent from" (create one filter at a time)

" Message received"

" Draft saved"

Step 2: Select "Delete it, Also Apply to X matching conversations" and Create Filter.

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