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While everyone at BetterCloud strives to build the most intuitive, effective and stable products we can, questions can still come up, and sometimes issues arise. If you encounter either while using BetterCloud, we're here to help!

Support Hours

BetterCloud Support operates Monday - Friday, 9am-8pm ET. We will be unavailable during the following holidays, however in the event of an emergency you may email and someone will respond as soon as possible. Please note that this address is only functional during these holidays and tickets will be routed through the normal channels if emailed outside of these days.


November 28 - November 29, 2019: Thanksgiving

December 24 - December 25, 2019: Christmas


January 1, 2020: New Years Day

February 17, 2020: President's Day

January 20, 2020: MLK Day

May 25, 2020: Memorial Day

July 4, 2020: Independence Day

September 7, 2020: Labor Day

November 26 - November 27, 2020: Thanksgiving

December 24 - December 25, 2020: Christmas

BetterCloud Help Center and Status Updates

The BetterCloud Help Center is always available as an extensive resource, providing answers to frequently asked questions, tips and tricks, and thorough instructions and walkthroughs to help you utilize our tools and troubleshoot unexpected issues. We always recommend starting here first, through one of our categories or a custom search.  

On the rare occasion that our apps experience an outage, or the outage of another integrated service affects our functionality, you can always find up to date information about the status of our systems on the BetterCloud Status Page.

How to Open a Support Ticket

There are several convenient places from which you can open a ticket with BetterCloud Support, both inside and outside of the BetterCloud app. 

In the BetterCloud Help Center, click on the "Open a Ticket" link at the top of the page:

While logged into BetterCloud for G Suite, you can click on the gear icon in the top bar of the app, and select "Open a Support Ticket" from the subsequent dropdown menu: 

While logged into the new BetterCloud app, select the "Support" listing from the left nav, which will open up our in-app version of the BetterCloud Help Center. Click on "Tickets", and then "Create new ticket":

Please see Ticket Requirements and Best Practices below, for more information about completing and submitting your support ticket. 

Live Chat with Support

During our regular business hours, you can always find immediate support inside BetterCloud and BetterCloud for G Suite by clicking on the Live Chat tab in the bottom right corner of either app:

If you are accessing the Live Chat tab during our regular business hours, but do not see the ability to begin a chat, please refresh your BetterCloud window to update the tab's status.

Likewise, outside of our regular business hours this tab can also be used as an additional method to open a support ticket. If you are accessing the Live Chat tab outside of our business hours, but still see the ability to begin a chat, please refresh your BetterCloud window to update the tab's status. Any chats we receive outside of regular business hours will be converted into a Support ticket, and will be responded to in the order in which we receive them. 

Ticket Requirements and Best Practices

A support ticket submission form requires the following: 

  1. Enter your email address
  2. A subject that briefly describes the issue you are having
  3. A more detailed description of the issue you are having, including steps to reproduce the issue
  4. The domain that is experiencing the issue
  5. Add any relevant attachments
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA so we know you are a real person
  7. Click "Submit"

In an effort to resolve your request as quickly as possible, please be sure to include as much detail as possible. Below are some key pieces of information which will enable us to resolve your ticket quickly:
  • Description of the issue, including where in the app the issue occurred, and any error messages you encountered
  • Steps taken so far to troubleshoot
  • Is the problem consistent or intermittent?
  • If reproducible, provide step by step instructions how to reproduce
  • Affected username(s), domain(s)
  • Date, time, and timezone when issue occurred

Managing Open Support Requests

You can view your existing tickets, see their current status and a history of replies in the BetterCloud Help Center, by clicking on the "Existing Tickets" link at the top of the page: 

Click here for more information on the lifecycle of a support ticket, what to expect when you open a ticket, and the steps we'll take to address and resolve your issue.

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