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Welcome to the BetterCloud Help Center! This site hosts a knowledge base of helpful articles and useful links, and is designed to help users of BetterCloud learn more about the app, find answers to questions, troubleshoot solutions to issues, and directly contact BetterCloud teams for technical support and account management.  

This article will provide an overview of the Help Center's front page, navigation, and content structure.  

Help Center Homepage

The Help Center homepage contains a number of useful sections that are designed to help you best find what you are looking for. In the top half of the site's home page, you'll find: 

  1.  A search bar - search directly for the content you're interested in
  2. The option to open a ticket with our Support team
  3. A view of existing tickets you have open or recently closed, where you can add replies and attachments
  4. A link to log directly into the BetterCloud app
  5. A link to join the BetterIT Community on Slack
  6. Change the language of the Help Center (English and Spanish currently supported)
In the bottom half, you'll find a collection of sections in the Help Center organized by topic, links to resources and other helpful shortcuts, and more information about our technical support services: 
  1. Content sections covering the new BetterCloud app
  2. Content sections covering the existing BetterCloud for G Suite
  3. Links to our community, and helpful troubleshooting resources
  4. General links for getting started with the BetterCloud app
  5. Technical Support hours and contact information

Help Articles

Each Help Article will generally begin with a brief overview of the subject matter, and how it can be useful to you. This may include example use cases.

For example: our Help Center article on Shared Contacts will explain not only what a Shared Contact is, but how utilizing Shared Contacts can be beneficial to an organization.

Article Content

The contents of our articles will generally include numbered or ordered steps in a process, accompanied by screenshots that may be highlighted or marked to clarify instructions.

The article as a whole will include:

  1. The title of the article
  2. A header denoting the version of BetterCloud that this article relates to
  3. A table of contents - To allow you easy access to the subsection of the article you are interested in
  4. Multiple subsections - To clearly portion out sections of the article by content
  5. Screenshots - To demonstrate visually what is being described in the article
  6. A sidebar containing recently viewed articles and related content

Important / Requirements

Some articles will contain a subsection titled "Important / Requirements". It can be very helpful to review and reference these subsections, because they will offer additional information related to the article's subject, such as necessary settings in the Google Admin Console or other connected platforms, or relevant items to double check if you are experiencing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t every article have Frequently Asked Questions?
The Frequently Asked Questions section is reserved for articles whose topics include intricacies that are confusing, details that cannot be explained clearly in the body of the article, or have a known complication or limitation that would be useful for you to know.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered by any of your articles?
If you have a question relating to subject matter covered in an article, or if you can't find an article or content that answers your questions, there are several places where you can seek help:

- Our BetterIT Community on the Slack platform is a great place to speak with fellow admins on a variety of topics, share questions and tips, and brainstorm ideas. BetterCloud employees also join the community as members and moderators, and can help address any questions about the app that you may have.

- If you are experiencing an issue within BetterCloud, you can also open a support ticket for assistance. 

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