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Update 1/9/21:

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our immediate control, we are halting the migration at this time to ensure no disruptions or delays impact our ability to help our customers. All support channels remain functional, and we'll reschedule this maintenance period and migration effort very soon. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


On January 9th, 2021, our Support Team will be migrating and updating our ticketing system as well as our Knowledge Base/Help Center and Customer Portal.

You may notice some changes! We've created this FAQ article to answer common questions we'd expect you might have. If you have any further questions regarding this change, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to address them.

Why are you moving these systems?

The Support Team has big plans moving forward to increase our already rapid response and enhance our ability to help you more efficiently. We have hit a limit with our current system on what we can enable and accomplish. Most of the improvements and benefits are behind the scenes, but you'll directly benefit from a few additional features moving forward, such as the following, just to name a few:

  • Improved ticket access and management through the Customer Portal
  • Enhanced search and article recommendations
  • Future integrations to our recently launched Community site at

Will I still be able to reach Support during this change? Does how I contact Support change?

You will be able to reach Support through the same channels as you always have. Our Chat button will be available now directly in,, as well as if you are signed in to the Help Center!


You'll continue to be able to open a ticket via email using

The new system's cutover should be reasonably seamless with no expected downtime, and we'll be monitoring closely during this timeframe to ensure we don't miss your requests. 


There are minor changes to our Web Form ticket creation process worth mentioning:

  • "Create a New Case" Web Form at The "Create a New Case" webform will now be available after login and no longer visible anonymously. You'll continue to have direct access upon login to your organization's existing Support tickets.
  • In-App "Create a Ticket" Form: This has been deprecated, and the Support Menu Option in-app will now be static links to our Knowledge Base. The form itself was redundant to our Chat Button as when Chat is unavailable, you can leave a message within that widget.

What happened to the Support flyout in and the documentation being available there?

A goal for this migration was to allow us to scale our capabilities, reduce clutter, and streamline the efforts needed to maintain the numerous resources we provide.

The Support flyout added some redundancies to the app experience, with the original goal of providing some convenience.

After careful consideration, we've decided to deprecate this and convert the resource links to open the desired resources in a new tab. The reasons behind this change:

  • The "Create a Ticket" form was redundant, as our customers rely almost exclusively on our Chat widget while logged in to the platform. When Chat is Offline, leaving an offline message in the widget opens a ticket directly and accomplishes the same outcome. 
  • The documentation flyout was obtrusive and did not function properly to read the content while working in the app because it overlaid on the UI. According to our site metrics, most people ended up opening instead.

I used the Customer Portal before, but can no longer sign in?

At the time of launch, the existing Single Sign-On functionality for Google will not be available. We are working quickly to address this in the coming weeks after launch and unify our SSO options across all related sites. However, you can still access your tickets and sign in.

We will migrate previously active customer portal users automatically and generate credentials. You will need to reset your password and can do so from the Login page at

Your username is your email address, and it will email you a password reset link. From there, you'll be able to set your new password and sign in.


I never registered for Customer Portal access. Can I do that now?

You may register for access from the Login page by clicking the "Register Account" link in the top right-hand corner. Your username will be your registered email address.

What about the Knowledge Base/Help Center? What changes can we expect?

As we migrate systems, the help article links will have new URL structures moving forward, and we've anticipated this change by creating redirections for all content links. 

For example…

Will become…

These redirects will be available for some time, but we expect to improve our existing categories and page structure in the future, which may impact links and bookmarks.

If we missed something, you can use the Search function to find what you’re seeking. We'd appreciate it if you let us know what it was. We'll fix it as quickly as possible!

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