Azure AD Events, Conditions, and Actions


This article provides an overview of the available events (WHEN), conditions (IF), and actions (THEN) that you'll find in Workflows from the Azure AD Integration in BetterCloud.



The following alerts can be used as Workflow Events:

New User Created
Workflow triggers when a new user creation syncs into BetterCloud

User Status Changed
Workflow triggers when a user's status changes to Enabled or Disabled

User Added to Group
Workflow triggers when a user's group addition syncs into BetterCloud

User Removed from Group
Workflow triggers when a user's group removal syncs into BetterCloud


The following "IF" conditions can be used to further scope when your Workflow should trigger. For example, "IF User's Status is Enabled."

User’s Status

User’s Department

User’s Title

User’s Manager

User’s On-Premises AD Distinguished Name

User’s Type

User’s Office Location

User’s Country

User’s Postal Code

User’s State/Province


Create User
Please note the following:
* Azure AD users cannot be created as Guests, only Members
* Azure AD users created via Workflows or the Actions menu will not be synced to on-prem Active Directory. They are considered Azure Active Directory users, not Windows Server AD users.
* The "mail nickname" field is particular. Think of it as "username" -- it does not accept spaces or other special characters, like "@."

Set User Status
Enables or disables the targeted user

Update User Profile
Users cannot be converted to Guests using this action.

This action can update the following fields:
* First name
* Last name
* Display name
* Title
* Department
* Office location
* Mobile phone
* Street address
* City
* State
* Postal code
* Country

This action cannot update the following fields:
* Manager
* State
* Company name
* Office
* Email

Logout User

Add Member to Group

Remove Member from Group


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