BCCINT4000: BetterCloud API Overview


Thanks for your interest in learning about the BetterCloud Application Programming Interface (API)! This article describes four ways in which you can use our API in your environment, and it introduces our EAG Customer Engineering services to building custom SaaS application integrations into BetterCloud.

What is the BetterCloud API

The BetterCloud API is an immense system that provides tools you can use to perform some powerful actions within your organization. These tools consist of the following:

  • Custom Actions
  • Triggers
  • Reporting
  • Logging

Custom Actions

If you're familiar with BetterCloud, you already know that our SaaSOps Management platform enables you to perform numerous Actions across SaaS applications in your environment. Custom Actions in BetterCloud let you reach out to some external system or external provider API to take action in that system or API. Examples of Custom Actions you can create - in any system that you'd like - are Add User to Group, Create User, Disable User, or Delete User

To best use Custom Actions, you should have experience in using webhooks, knowledge in using REST APIs and making HTTP Requests, skills in using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and Node.js. These skills and this type of knowledge will enable you to use our scripting environment and enable you to take actions in external systems.


BetterCloud provides six Forward-Facing Endpoints you can use to help you set up triggering into our platform from from external systems:

  1. Get All Actions or Workflows - You can get a list of all Actions or Workflows available to trigger within BetterCloud.
  2. Get Single Action or Workflow - You can get a single Action or Workflow and its details so you know what information is required to trigger. 
  3. Execute Actions or Workflows - You can trigger Actions or Workflows within BetterCloud.

There are many things you can do with these endpoints. For example, triggering from an external system (using a webhook) to create an onboarding process in BetterCloud, etc.

Triggers can be incredibly powerful in letting you be flexible in how you communicate with and perform Actions and Workflows in BetterCloud and further orchestrate your entire SaaS environment.

Similar to using Custom Actions, you should have experience and knowledge in using REST API methods (GET and POST), skills in using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), experience with using scripts, like Google Apps Script or NodeJS, and experience in how to paginate through Action results to determine the details of what you need to execute that Action. 

Coming soon, BetterCloud is introducing Custom Triggers, where you can trigger BetterCloud Workflows using any custom data type.


BetterCloud uses a GraphQL API to query our Datagraph, a repository of Users, Groups, Org. Units, Slack Channels, assets, etc. You see many of these entities in our grids. GraphQL is a powerful language, similar to other query languages, like SQL; so having some knowledge and experience in using SQL to query a database and manipulate data results will help you use GraphQL when joining Datagraph results sets to create a deeper understanding or your environment.


BetterCloud's Push Events and Event Streams provide you with valuable insights into what's happening in your environment across your SaaS apps from our Audit Logs. You can get histories on Alerts, triggered Workflows, triggered Actions, Failures/Successes, etc. and information that provide insights on how BetterCloud writes to external systems.

To obtain the data in the Audit Logs, you can Poll the data from BetterCloud, or you can have BetterCloud Push the data to your external system, as long as no firewall restrictions exist.

Custom Integration Services

BetterCloud offers two custom integration services to help you integrate your SaaS apps into our platform and to interact with our API:

Custom Integration Service

In this service, BetterCloud gathers your application requirements and uses our API to build an integration into BetterCloud for your SaaS app. Once built, we work with you to implement the integration into your environment. This service is for someone who may not have the skills or knowledge required to use APIs.

Custom Integration Paired Programming Service

In this service, BetterCloud guides you through the process and procedures for using our API to integrate your SaaS app into BetterCloud. We provide you with five (5) 90-minute sessions over a four (4)-week time frame to guide you through the process of building your integrations. The integrations will be built directly in your environment with guidance from our Engineers.

By the end of this video, you should be able to:

  • Recall the four ways in which you can use the BetterCloud API.
  • Decide which Custom Integration Service is right for you.

What's Next?

The next module, Custom Integration Webhooks, explores how you can use webhooks from external systems and APIs to communicate with BetterCloud. To view the next module, click here



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