BCEL1019: Testing Your BetterCloud Workflows


One of the most common questions we get here at BetterCloud is "hey, how can I test my Workflows to make sure they run the way I want them to?" In this article, we'll review two different ways to test out your Workflows to ensure they either (1) run in an automated way or (2) execute with the proper Actions, in the proper order.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Add an additional IF condition to your Workflow to ensure it will only trigger on a specific asset
  • Run an On-Demand Workflow to test the Actions and order of your Workflow's Actions

Why Test My Workflows?

Testing your Workflows is key to building confidence in BetterCloud's automation. We will sometimes run into clients who will not be comfortable publishing their Workflow until they have tested it, or understand exactly how it will trigger. By adding an additional IF condition, you will narrow the scope of the Workflow, having it only apply to a very specific asset based on its properties. Perhaps you'd only like to take action on a dummy users. You can add an additional IF condition to your offboarding Workflow such as this:

  • WHEN User Changes Org Units
  • IF Org Unit is Offboarding
  • AND IF Department is BETTERCLOUD

You can make it so that only your dummy user has the Department "BetterCloud." This will give you an idea of how the Workflow will trigger, and if you've set everything up correctly. 

What if you know your trigger is correct, but you'd only like to test the Actions it will be taking? In this case, you can run the Workflow On-Demand. By Selecting a dummy user or file, you can then call the Workflow from the Actions Engine as if it was any other on-off Action. All of your Workflows are listed within the Actions Engine, no matter their status (be it Published, Draft, or Inactive). Therefore, you can also test your Workflows in this manner.


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