BCSEC3008a: Keyword and REGEX Content Scanning


Please note: Content Scanning is a feature available to our Pro, Enterprise, and Secure platform customers. If you have a Standard or Manage-Only version of BetterCloud, you will not be able to perform content scanning at this time.

BetterCloud has recently added two new features to app.bettercloud.com: Content Scanning for Keywords and for Regular Expressions. This article walks you through how you can use these features for all three Content Scanning methods.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you'll be able to:

  • Add Keywords to Content Scans
  • Add Regular Expressions to Content Scans
  • Save Regular Expression for future Content Scans

Defining Custom Data

No matter the type of scan you're running, adding Keywords to a Content Scan will be the same! As a reminder, the three types of Content Scans are 1) Select Scans (retroactive, up to 100 files), 2) File Audits (retroactive, unlimited files), and 3) Go-Forward Scans (proactive, unlimited files). Once you've decided on the type of scan you'd like to run, you'll be able to add Keywords in the interface below. 


By clicking on the Custom Data tab, you'll see the option to add either Regular Expressions or Keywords. Clicking either option opens a new section of the page.

Regular Expressions

To build Regular Expressions, you'll want to click on the Regular Expressions option, shown in the above image. From here, the screen changes, allowing you to click the green Create New button shown below.


After you click the Create New button, you'll be brought to a screen where you can create, save, and add your regular expression(s) to your Content Scan. Here is a quick example of how a regular expression displays within BetterCloud.


Notice the checkbox at the bottom left of the screen, where you can save the regular expression for future scans. You are able to save up to 15 of these. You can also click the Add button, which allows you to then begin looking for a match on the regular expression within the scan you've selected.

Adding Keywords to a Scan

To add Keywords to a search, you can click on the Keywords option below the Custom Data heading. This opens a screen with a blank text box. You're then able to enter words via plain text, separated by commas, for which you want to search. See the example below.


When you have the list of words (separated by commas) that you'd like to scan for in your content, click Add.

What's Next?

Now that you have an understanding of how to perform Regular Expressions and Keyword Content Scans, you may want to alter your current scans, or create additional ones. We've seen a significant amount of success with watermarks shared to the public (things like "Internal Use Only" or "Property of ______" as well as regular expressions that look for personally identifiable information. Happy hunting!


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