BCEL1018: BetterCloud's Send Email Action (Removing Rate Limits)


At BetterCloud, our largest clients have run into rate limit issues when sending thousands of emails a day. In short, to stop an API from being overrun with requests, API owners are able to enforce a limit on the requests, or the quantity of data, that clients can consume. Therefore, if a Workflow or Action were to send thousands of emails from a service like Google or 365, the provider's API would become overrun and the Workflow/Action would begin to fail. As a result, BetterCloud has leveraged SendGrid, an email service provider, to send email from notifications@bettercloud.com. This will help bypass the API rate limit to ensure that emails to be delivered can be delivered.

By the end of the write up, you will be able to:

  • Leverage the new Send Email BetterCloud action
  • Ensure emails are properly being delivered by adding the sending address/IP to the organization's whitelist
  • Understand the limitations of the new Send Email BetterCloud action

BetterCloud's Send Email Action

Using the To Field

With full BetterCloud integrations, you will get a type-ahead for email addresses. For example, if Dan Gualtier is a user in your organization, typing "Dan Gu" into your TO field would likely display Dan Gualtieri below the To field. However, because this is a BetterCloud Action, independent of any integration, you will want to use a static value, or more likely, a dynamic value as seen in the video above.

Ensuring Delivery

With an email coming from outside your integation's email provider, BetterCloud cannot guarantee email delivery. SendGrid may run into bounces or delays, and the Action will be marked as success if no known errors are returned from SendGrid. To best manage this, you'll want to ensure notifications@bettercloud.com is added to your whitelist, and the sending IP should be added to your organization's whitelist.

Bounce Lists

Due to privacy and anti-spam regulation, SendGrid will manage a bounce list, which could be a reason emails are not properly sent to some users. If a bounce occurs, it will be registered to SendGrid's Managed Bounce List. When this occurs, there are a few things to note: 

  • Any emails that are on the SendGrid bounce are recorded within SendGrid, along with the reason for bounce. This is currently captured and can be audited by BetterCloud's Support team. If you have questions as to why a Send Email Action failed, feel free to contact Support. They will be able to help!
  • If all recipients are on the bounce list, the action will be marked as failed.
  • If someone mistakenly ends up on a bounce list, it maybe up to 24 hours before they can start receiving emails again from SendGrid via the Send Email action. This is the case with nearly all email service providers as it is used to safeguard against spam.

BetterCloud and SendGrid

Other BetterCloud communications and Actions are actually already using SendGrid in the background. Actions such as Wait for Approval, Workflow Notification, and Access Requests are already leveraging SendGrid. If your organization is able to receive Emails with any of these Actions in place, you likely will not run into any complications with our new BetterCloud Send Email Action. If you have any concerns about delivery, it would be best to verify that these emails can be delivered and, if need be, add notifications@bettercloud.com to your organization's whitelist, along with SendGrid's sending IP.

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