BCSEC3003: Building External Sharing Workflows


Please note: Content Scanning is a feature available to our Pro, Enterprise, and Secure platform customers. If you have a Standard or Manage Only version of BetterCloud, you will not be able to perform content scanning at this time.

As users get increasingly comfortable sharing files with contractors, partners, and other organizations, external sharing can quickly get out of control. Organizations need guardrails and governance in place around sharing. While Alerts can sound the alarm of improper sharing practices, Workflows will remediate issues and provide proactive communication to stakeholders, like the file owner, IT, and Security teams. 

By the end of this video, you will be able to:

  • Build Workflows based on external sharing Alerts
  • Utilize BetterCloud's list of Actions, adding them to the THEN portion of Workflow Builder
  • Automate communications to necessary individuals and teams when remediation has taken place 

Building External Sharing Workflows

Remediation Actions for External Sharing

When files are shared to external users, a number of remediation Actions can be added to the THEN section of BetterCloud's Workflow Builder. When a file is shared with a specific account that should have have access to the file, BetterCloud allows you to precisely target only that individual, removing them from the file. If an Alert has been created for a file/folder being shared to someone at Salesforce (Ex. salesforce.com), BetterCloud's Alert will go off and the Workflow can then target that specific user, removing their access. However, if you need to take more sweeping action, you also have the ability to remove an asset's public sharing link altogether, or target any file colaborator, and revoke everyone's access to the content. The Action taken will very much depend on the severity of the violation; so it is best to explore all possible Actions, then add in those that best suit the need. 

While this wraps up the sharing portion of our security modules, there are still other Alerts and Workflows that can be set up, ensuring your organization is as secure as possible. In the next module, we'll take a look at Guest access - understanding how they can gain access to your cloud tenants - and ensuring there is a process for monitoring their access. To move onto Monitoring Guest Accounts, click here.

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