BCSEC3001: Building Public Sharing Workflows


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Once you have an understanding of how to build Alerts around your public file sharing policies, you can now begin to remediate these issues via Workflows. As a quick recap, Alerts you create can be added to Workflows as a WHEN statement; so when the Alert is triggered in BetterCloud, any Actions listed in the THEN section will begin to execute. In this case, when files are being improperly shared the the public, you may want to revoke those sharing links, remove an account from the file, or remove all external collaborators from the file. Depending on the severity of the violation, different remediation actions can take place.

By the end of this video, you will be able to:

  • Add your security Alerts to Workflows as a WHEN statement
  • Decide how public file sharing issues should be remediated with THEN Actions
  • Target the assets improperly shared, plus notify stakeholders of the sharing issue through BetterCloud's dynamic fields

Using Workflows to Remediate Public Sharing Issues

Customizing Your Actions

In the video above, a number of Actions are shown, all of which allow you to remediate improper public sharing of assets. If you plan to take action on a file or folder, you'll first want to ensure you are dynamically selecting the asset that kicked off your Workflow. By using the dynamic selector field to the far right of the File/Folder text box, you can dynamically pass in the asset that causes the Alert to trigger. From there, you'll want to customize what is happening to that file or folder. Do you want it unshared only with the specific person who it was shared with (for example, if it's against your company policy to share a file with a person's Gmail address), or do you want to remove all collaborators from the asset?While the first option is quite targeted, the second allows for sweeping remediation in the event of an egregious issue. The actions you decide to take are entirely up to you, and BetterCloud provides you with the ability to ensure your files are staying within your companies DLP policies and compliance standards.

What's Next?

In the next module, we'll be exploring Alerts again. This time, they will focus on files shared with other organizations and named domains. This includes shares out to everyone at a specific domain (for example, microsoft.com) and improper sharing to competitors. To move on to the next module, please click here.

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