BCSEC3000: Alerting for Public Sharing


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\When files leave your organization's cloud storage, you begin to lose control of what happens to those assets. Even with proper employee training - covering how sharing should be performed - many files still end up improperly shared to other organizations, or worse, to the public. Fortunately, BetterCloud allows you to monitor how files are being shared from your organization's cloud storage apps by setting up Alerts. These Alerts will notify you when their conditions are met, no matter if it is when a file has specific content, is a specific file type, or if the asset has improperly been shared to the world.

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Discover the different types of public sharing Alerts BetterCloud allows you to create
  • Understand how to create Custom Alerts from System and Templates Alerts
  • Define Alert conditions, so they will only notify you when those specific conditions are met

Setting Up Public Sharing Alerts in BetterCloud

Public Sharing Alerts

BetterCloud allows you to set up different public sharing alerts based on the SaaS app, and how it allows files to be shared to the public. File Shared with Link looks for files shared to the public, which require the viewers/editors to have a specific link. This link provides them with their access to the file. Revoking the link would then, in turn, revoke public access to the file. Then there is File Shared to Public, which allows the general public to find the asset through a public search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

There are many occasions where organizations will want a file shared to the public; however, without BetterCloud, there is not a simple way to check how all files are being shared across your entire SaaS application stack. BetterCloud's Files Grid provides you that single pane of glass into your cloud storage applications. Through Alerts, you have the ability to be proactive about how people are sharing files, taking secure one step further. 

What's Next?

While being Alerted to file sharing issues in BetterCloud is a fantastic start, automatically remediating improper sharing of files to the public is the next step to ensuring file security within your organization. In the next module, we will walk through how you can use Workflows to remove sharing links, remove individuals from files, and prevent improper sharing of files. To move to the next module, click here.

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