BCEL1014: What Is My Offboarding Trigger?


BetterCloud is excited to introduce our new Workflow Templates, which will help speed up your workflow building. These templated workflows will allows you to run best practice actions across your SaaS apps when a specific trigger fires. However, when it comes to Offboarding, our first set of templates, it may be difficult decided exactly what that trigger should be.

By the end of this article, will be able to define your offboarding trigger by answering the following questions:

  • What Full Integrations do you have with BetterCloud?
  • What is your Source of Truth?
  • If your Source of Truth is NOT a BetterCloud Integration, does your SoT push to any BetterCloud Integration?
  • If your Source of Truth DOES NOT push to any BetterCloud Integration, what can I do?
  • What if the action I take isn’t an available trigger? 

What integrations do you have with BetterCloud?

One of the first things you should consider when deciding what your starting point is for offboarding is “what integrations are set up in BetterCloud?” Perhaps you have a stack that includes things like Google, Okta, Slack, and BambooHR. Of these four applications, three connect into BetterCloud, so this narrows your options down to three choices. You can then examine your options, asking yourself one key question: If I were to do this manually, what application would I start in? In this case, you likely wouldn’t start in Slack, which leaves you with Google or Okta. Perhaps you start offboarding in BambooHR. Does BambooHR push to Okta or Google? If so, that would likely be your best place to start.

In general, Offboarding will usually begin with one of the following applications: 

  • Google
  • Namely
  • Okta
  • Office 365

This is because they have WHEN statements that will work best with our offboarding workflows. To view your available WHEN and IF statements for each provider, feel free to select them from the above list, or continue reading to the end of this document, where they’ll also be linked (with a few additional options).

What is your Source of Truth?

This is another critical question to consider when deciding how and where you should start your offboarding workflows in BetterCloud. If your source of truth is integrated into BetterCloud (Google, O365, Okta, Namely, etc), then this is the best place to start. By taking action that will trigger offboarding in any of these platforms, BetterCloud will recognize the change in your environment and begin the offboarding workflow.

If your Source of Truth is NOT a BetterCloud Integration, does your SoT push to any BetterCloud Integration?

If your source of truth is an HRIS system, such as ADP, BambooHR, Sapling, or any other Human Resource Information System (HRIS), you’ll need to ask “what is the closest integrated application to my HRIS?” Oftentimes, modern HRIS systems will send data directly to an identity provider or SaaS application. When this is the case, you’ll need to know what occurs in your IdP or SaaS app when a user is disabled in your HRIS. If, for example, disabling a user in SaplingHR automatically disables a user in Google, this will be your trigger.

If your Source of Truth DOES NOT push to any BetterCloud Integration, what can I do?

Perhaps your source of truth is an on-premise active directory, or an HR platform that has no connection to any SaaS application. When beginning offboarding from these locations, nothing will take place in any application integrated with BetterCloud. So what’s your best option? Ask yourself “what do I do right after the user is deactivated/removed from this disconnected platform?” If your answer is to send an email to someone in IT, asking them to move them to an offboarding OU, or send a direct message in Slack to a Security team member, asking them to disable their Okta account, that’s your answer! You’ll want to get as close to your starting point as possible. So even if the first action your organization takes won’t trigger BetterCloud, think about your workflow. What’s the second or third action you take? Whatever this action is, that should be your new trigger!

What if the action I take isn’t an available trigger? 

In the rare case that you do not perform any task listed as a trigger in your integrated application(s), such as resetting a user’s password or changing their email address, you may need to make a slight change to your current process in order to ensure BetterCloud’s offboarding action triggers. If this is the case, this isn’t the worst thing in the world! 

It will allow you to:

  1. ...evaluate your current offboarding process to ensure it is as secure as possible.
  2. ...decide which trigger is best for you, then build your offboarding process around this methodology.

What questions do I need to answer to find my offboarding trigger?


What If I Need to Contact Someone?

If your needs are not being met by the flowchart above, and you still need a hand selecting your offboarding trigger, please feel free to use our Live Chat within BetterCloud, or email Support@bettercloud.com

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