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Customer feedback is one of the most important factors we consider when deciding what new features and functionality are introduced to BetterCloud. We believe our customers have the deepest insights into what would be most useful to automate and secure SaaS environments. This is why we consider customer requests to be truly valuable.

As much as we’d like to build every single feature that is requested, time, provider API limitations, and the need to prioritize the features that provide the most value to the most customers will always mean some features are built while others are not. To make sure you have a say in the process, this article walks you through how to use the BetterCloud Ideas Portal.

The BetterCloud Ideas Portal can be accessed at You will be prompted to enter your email address to sign in.


All accounts in the BetterCloud Ideas Portal are managed by BetterCloud.

If you do not have an account, please contact BetterCloud Support (available in our in-app live chat or at or your Customer Success Manager. We can create your account to provide full access to the portal. You typically receive an email confirmation once the account is set up.

Browse and Search

The portal captures a wealth of information, and we recommend starting by searching for requests. Adding your feedback to an existing idea generally grants it more weight, since multiple users are asking for similar functionality.

The tabs at the top of the page are a great place to start - here you can see Recent, Trending, and Popular.


The filters on the left side of the page allow you to narrow your results further. The top section allows you to see:

  • My ideas - Ideas you have submitted
  • My votes - Ideas you have voted on
  • My subscriptions - Ideas you are subscribed to for updates


Next down is FILTER BY STATUS. Ideas move between statuses based on where they are in the product journey. BetterCloud’s Product Management team reviews ideas weekly, and will comment on them and prioritize them to fit in our roadmap. You can read more about the statuses later on in this article.


Further down, you can FILTER BY CATEGORY to see ideas divided into different BetterCloud categories.


If you know the type of request you are looking for, the search functionality in the top right corner is going to be your best friend.


After you locate the idea you are interested in, click on its name to see more details. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can head to the Submitting a new idea section of this article.

Upvote and Comment

The detailed idea view contains all the relevant information about an idea, and gives you the option to contribute to it. Let’s walk through the various sections in more detail.


  1. Idea ID - this is the unique ID associated with the idea, and serves as a handy reference if you ever need to refer to it at a later time. You can always use it for tracking purposes.
  2. Idea name and description - the name and description of the idea, as defined by the original submitter (in most cases this will be a fellow customer).
  3. Idea status - the status of the idea. Learn more about Idea Statuses later in the article.
  4. Votes - lists the number of votes received. Click on this button to add your vote to the total!
  5. Comments - comments are a great way to have your voice heard on an existing idea. We usually recommend commenting in addition to voting, to share your use-case and how it would help your business. All of this helps us better understand your requests so we can deliver the right product features for you.
  6. Subscribe - by default you are automatically subscribed to issues you submit, upvote, or comment on. However, you may also subscribe or unsubscribe independently of an upvote or comment in order to receive email updates when the idea’s status changes.
  7. Related ideas - our portal automatically links to similar ideas, to help you better navigate and find what you are looking for. This section may also contain Merged Ideas.

Upvotes and comments are two great ways to indicate your support for an idea. We look at votes to see which ideas have the most backing, but comments provide a wealth of information helping us better understand a feature’s benefit to your organization.

Submit a New Idea!

If you have searched through the portal and don’t find an idea/request similar to yours, you can submit a brand new idea. We are always looking for ways to help you, our customers navigate the SaaSOps Journey and the next step starts at “Add a new idea” on the top left.


The Add a new idea page allows you to provide information about your idea. Ideas with more detail and information gather more votes, views, comments and makes it easier for us to understand and implement your request.


The fields include:

  1. Idea name - a one phrase or sentence description of your idea. Clear and concise descriptions helps others find your request as well.
  2. Idea details - share details around your use-case, problem, and how this would help improve your day-to-day processes. More detail on best practices for the details section can be found below, but in general the more detail you can provide, the more likely that the request will be recognized and upvoted.
  3. Category - an optional field, but you have the option to choose an idea category. This makes the idea accessible from the filters in the portal.
  4. Integration - if the request is for a specific existing integration, choose one from the dropdown. You can also select “Other” or leave it blank.
  5. Requester’s Email - your email address, where notifications can be sent regarding updates to this idea. *Please note*: Do not list your email addresses in the idea details or within comments you submit.

Submitting a Great Idea

A great idea describes not only the problem you are trying to solve, but also the context in which the feature will be used. It’s often best to think of an idea as presenting both a solution, and the problem that solution is solving. The extent of the underlying problem or challenge that is being addressed is the true value of any feature, and will help your idea stand out. See a couple of examples below:

Normal Idea

Add an option to beep my cell phone whenever a workflow is approved.

Great Idea

I regularly use approval steps in my workflows, which helps validate when tasks are done. I'd like BetterCloud to notify me with an SMS when a workflow is approved, making me aware that the task has been completed, and the user successfully offboarded. An SMS would be perfect because I'm usually not at my desk while workflows are running.

Normal Idea

Make it so scrolling with the mouse wheel is twice as fast when I hold down Ctrl.

Great Idea

I often have lengthy workflows in the builder, then have to scroll to the top to update a previous step or validate a WHEN/IF condition. That takes a long time because my workflows are sometimes up to a hundred steps long. I'd like to be able to scroll faster so editing my workflows does not take as long.

A great, detailed idea will catch our eye by making it clear just how valuable a potential feature would be, and what problem we can help solve. We look forward to reviewing and making your day-to-day easier with BetterCloud!

Idea Statuses

Ideas follow various stages, which are marked with different statuses in the BetterCloud Ideas Portal. Here is what they all mean:

Needs Review - New Ideas get filed as Needs Review. This means we are still reviewing your request, and our Product Management team is busy at work.

Under Consideration - Ideas that are currently being investigated, reviewed, and researched for feasibility. 

Future Consideration - Ideas that we plan to pursue, but which have not yet been mapped to our roadmap, and do not have a committed delivery date.

In Design - Our Design team is working to determine how this feature would fit into the existing platform.

In Development - Ideas that are actively being worked on, and on the horizon to be made available shortly in BetterCloud.

Shipped - Ideas that are now general availability in BetterCloud.

Archived - These ideas don’t align with immediate customer demand, or are not possible given current provider limitations. However, these items are revisited on a regular cadence for re-analysis based on feedback from you, our customers.

Merged Ideas

In some cases we receive multiple instances of the same idea. In these cases, the ideas are merged to consolidate feedback. Merged ideas will be marked as such when viewing their details:


Merged ideas retain their votes, and they accumulate at the Merged Idea. If you have questions on why an idea has been merged, please leave a comment, and we’ll do our best to help answer your questions.

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