BCEL1012: Triggering Onboarding from Workflow Builder


With a solid understanding of how to automate actions through Workflows, let's explore how to automate an action that most often impacts new employees: onboarding. As shown in the previous module, BetterCloud allows you to do onboarding in a number of ways, and it’s important to think about how your users are being created. If an HRIS or an Active Directory is pushing users to Google, O365, or Okta, that should be able to trigger BetterCloud WHEN a new user is created. However, if you’re building users manually in your source of truth is Google, O365, or Okta, the user can be created directly in BetterCloud using an On-Demand Workflow.

An On-Demand Workflow is a Workflow selected from the Actions menu (found via the Directory section of BetterCloud), allowing you to bypass any WHEN/IF triggers and customize exactly how the Workflow will run by editing each listed action. For onboarding, you can create a Workflow without a WHEN or an IF, and you can add only THEN actions. The actions to add would be New User and Edit Profile (and optionally, Add to Group for Google and Okta or Add Member for Office 365).

To view how you would set this workflow up, please click here to view a full-screen version of the workflow's creation.

For more information on how you can create a user directly in BetterCloud and have it trigger onboarding, check out our blog post on this very topic, found here. If you choose to set up a Workflow in this way, it can be saved, allowing you to then ensure your onboarding's WHEN and IF conditions are met. For example...

Onboarding from Google 

  • WHEN New User is Created
  • IF Department is Sales

Onboarding via Okta via Dynamic Group Assignments in Okta

  • WHEN User is added to a Group
  • IF Group is IT Onboarding

While there may be some manual work at the beginning of these actions, once the conditions of the WHEN and IF are met in the Workflow, all listed THEN actions will be run sequentially and automatically.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Identify how you are onboarding users currently
  • Decide what application you should use to trigger onboarding in BetterCloud
  • Choose how you would like to onboard users into BetterCloud
  • Explain how WHEN and IF conditions are critical to ensuring an onboarding Workflow triggers

Automating across numerous applications is possible with "Plus" versions of BetterCloud

Selecting Your WHEN/IF Conditions

Oftentimes, our Expert Advisory Group will be asked "what should be my onboarding trigger," or "how should I have BetterCloud kick off onboarding?" Here are the most likely scenarios we've seen with clients, and the corresponding WHEN/IF statements for onboarding. Any or all of these can be used to begin onboarding your new users.

Senario One: Google

I create Google users in BetterCloud (via an On-Demand Workflow) using Create User and Edit Profile 

  • WHEN New User 
  • IF Department is...
  • WHEN New User
  • IF Title is...
  • WHEN New User 
  • IF Cost Center is...


Scenario Two: Okta 

I create my Okta users in BetterCloud (via an On-Demand Workflow) using Create User and Edit Profile. Okta has been set up with Groups that have dynamic assignment rules (ex. Add User to Sales Group when Department is Sales, or Add User to NYC Group when City is New York).

  • WHEN New User
  • IF Department is...
  • WHEN User Added to Group
  • IF Group is... 
  • WHEN User Added to Group
  • IF Group is...
  • AND IF Department is...  

Scenario Three: O365

I create O365 users in BetterCloud (via an On-Demand Workflow) using Create User and Edit Profile 

  • WHEN New User
  • IF Department is...
  • WHEN New User
  • IF Office Location Is...
  • WHEN New User
  • IF Title is... 

Senario Four: HRIS, IDP, or AD Push

I create users in my HRIS, or in my Active Directory. Users then push into Google, O365, or Okta, and their account and profile are created.

Whatever that application is, be it Google, O365, or Okta, start at the app closest to the initial account creation process.

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

Now that you know the different ways you can build your onboarding Workflow, let's walk through how this Workflow can be built in our next module title Onboarding Employees, found here

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