BCSEC3007: Understanding Content Scanning


Please note: Content Scanning is a feature available to our Pro, Enterprise, and Secure platform customers. If you have a Standard or Manage Only version of BetterCloud, you will not be able to perform content scanning at this time.

From internal data loss prevention strategies and protecting intellectual property to external audits and compliance standards, ensuring your organization is living up to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) standards in no joke. Thankfully, you can use BetterCloud's Content Scanning in tandem with your security and compliance needs. BetterCloud's platform provides you three types of Content Scanning abilities:

  • Targeted Content Scans: Lets you select up to 500 files to review
  • File Audits: Lets you scan all know files in your organization (or by refining on specific files you'd like to hunt for)
  • Go Forward Scans: Let’s you ensure that you remain in compliance with your defined security policies

These scans can be performed across your SaaS apps, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and (coming soon) Office 365.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Define the three types of content scans
  • Understand when to use each of the three types
  • Explain how Targeted Content Scans and File Audits can be performed as an Action

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

Now that you understand how content scanning works through BetterCloud, let's see it in action! The next module, Running Content Scanning, will walk you through how to run Targeted Content Scans and File Audits. To view this module, click here!

If you'd like to know how to set up Go Forward Scans, please feel free to review the Creating Advanced Alerts module found here.

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