BCEL1017: Evaluating Workflow Results


Your user lifecycle management Workflows are up and running, you're remediating security issues, and you're running Workflows in production like a boss. However, you notice that a recent user you offboarded didn't seem to be offboarded properly. What happened? Why didn't an action run on this user? How can you tell, within BetterCloud, why your Workflow didn't run the way it was supposed to? In this module, we will review Workflow results and how you can diagnose issues that occured within your Workflow(s).

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Review Workflow results, seeing what was successful and what completed with errors
  • Troubleshoot specific Workflows and understand why they may have failed
  • Understand that BetterCloud will skip actions, by default, to ensure that as much of the Workflow can be completed as is possible
  • Find the Workflow Instance ID and contact support with that ID so they can assist with an errors
  • Explain how to remediate issues with an offboarding Workflow via an On-Demand Workflow

Getting Help with Workflow Issues

If you're unable to determine why specific steps didn't run as expected, you'll want to get in touch with our Support team. Each Workflow will have an Instance ID, found at the far left of the Workflow Results table. By passing that Instance ID to our Support team, they’ll be able to process the ID in a backend system, allowing them to view the full Workflow results as a raw log. They'll then be able to discover the root cause of any errors, and explain why they may have failed. 

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

Now that we've covered Workflows in full detail, we can begin to explore another key component of BetterCloud's functionality: Content Scanning. For our Pro and Enterprise customers, Content Scanning is an incredibly valuable feature of BetterCloud, one that will allow you to hunt for sensitive information in your files and, when possible, remediate security or sharing issues that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed. In this next module, Understanding Content Scanning, we'll start with the basic concepts on Content Scanning and explore how it works. To review this module, feel free to click here.


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